Craft corner: credits for easy salt dough makes

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Linnman table top, £40, Oddvald Trestles, £10 each, Ingolf Chair,
£35, Ribba Picture ledge, £8.25
all Ikea

Empire Console table , from £249 unfinished, Scumble Goosie, Painted in: Skimming Stone, 750ml, Estate Eggshell, £20, Farrow and Ball

Trestles and shelves painted in Lamp Room Grey, 750ml, Estate Eggshell, £20, Farrow and Ball

On console: Labo Storage jar, £12.50, An Angel at My Table, Large blue vase, £61, Blue bottle, £5, John Lewis

On shelves: Yellow vase, £18, floral plate, £9, Cup, £4.50, Organic white vases, £18 all An Angel at My Table

Jug of flowers canvas, £95, An Angel at My Table. Alice Tait framed print, £75, John Lewis

Meadow Cushion, £25, John Lewis


Red Rose tray, £25.50, Bluebell Gray, An Angel at My Table. Marble board, £67.95, Non stick roller, £5.40 Baking tray, £14.95, all Divertimenti. Spotty mug, £7, John Lewis.


Double sided cookie cutters, £9.99, Lakeland

Curtain fabric, Plain dotty, Cornflower, £45, Vanessa Arbuthnott. Swallow apron, £15, Sophie Allport


Rings, from a selection, Foiled glass Tray, £17.50 both An Angel at My Table. Soaps, from £5, Berry Red

Lavender boat neck T shirt, £22, Boden, Butterfly apron, £15, Sophie Allport


Copper lid glass jars, from £6.50, An Angel at My Table.
Copper chain, from a selection Ebay. Letter stamps and Inks from a selection at


Asta Barrington blossom tray, £28, Berry Red. Double sided cookie cutters, £9.99, Lakeland. Stamps, including letter and tag stamp from a selection at Hobbycraft.

Spot embroidered top, £49, Boden. Rose apron, £15, Sophie Allport

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