New copyright law abolishes the sale of designer replica furniture

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  • Stock up on Eames replicas because they will be gone by the end of the month

    Bad news faux loving furniture friends – by the end of the month affordable replica designer furniture will be banished under new copyright laws.

    Last year the UK Government announced a change to the copyright law that once stated furniture designs could be replicated 25 years after the designer’s death. The new act extends this period to 70 years after the designer’s death.

    Companies were given 5 years to adjust stock and design in order and comply with these changes, however out of nowhere the act has been brought forward to April 2016.

    In short, by the end of the month retailers won’t be permitted to sell replica furniture that is similar to a designer piece from the past 70 years.

    That’s right, I’m afraid those contemporary Eames inspired Eiffel Chairs and Jielde look alike lamps will be gone from your favourite stockist’s site.

    Many businesses solely designed to offer affordable replica furniture will struggle to adapt to the new laws.

    For Cult Furniture, the only option is to develop its own furniture line. Since the announcement, Cult have been working around the clock to produce a new range of furniture that is inspired by best selling pieces.

    Cult Furniture CEO, Fiaz Iqbal, says: “We firmly believe that everyone should have access to good design. When they want to buy reproductions, this is their choice. We hope to provide an alternative, to keep the vision of Eames alive: that good design should be affordable and for everyone, not just the rich and famous.”

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