Vinyl wallpaper – back on trend?

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  • Perfect for all interior spaces especially kitchens, hallways and bathrooms, vinyl wallpapers have come along way in design. Here is our pick of the ones to look out for this season.

    Casadeco- Ambiance Rayure

    The best new collections focus on texture with surface finishes that don’t shout their washable vinyl credentials. Most innovative is Eldorado by Elitis at Abbott & Boyd with its raffia, bark and driftwood effects. A star of this collection is Atelier d’Artiste in 16 colourways, a fine textural weave loosely over-brushed with pigment.With rolls measuring 10m long by 1m wide.

    Casadeco Ambiance Branches

    Casadeco, offers a range of fine linear textures in its Riverside 2 vinyl collection such as Uni in six colourways; Arbres, a delicate tracery of branches in eight colourways, and Origami, a structured geometric texture, all at £59.60 a roll.

    Zoffany Arbour

    For a super smooth rubbed back finish, try Patina in four colourways, £82 a roll, from Elementi, one of several vinyl collections at Zoffany. It’s no surprise to find the widest palette of colours across vinyls at Designers Guild. Cerato, with its natural rubbed effect comes in 22 shades for £55 a roll, and the extra-wide Dhari, a richly textured vertical rib, in 14 colours at £85 a roll.

    Harlequin Reed

    And from Harlequin, try Reed with its strong horizontal texture. In six colourways and extra-wide, it’s priced at £85 a roll.

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