Aldi is selling a £40 BBQ pizza oven that will transform even the smallest garden into a pizzeria

It's perfect for al fresco dining this spring

Aldi BBQ pizza oven cooking pizza on grill
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi's sellout BBQ pizza oven is making its much-anticipated return, allowing you to serve up delicious restaurant-style pizzas all from the comfort of your own home. Hitting shelves on the 21st of March, the return of this sellout outdoor can only mean one thing: the promise of warmer spring weather is finally on our doorstep.

We don't know about you, but the weather warming up is pretty much synonymous with dusting off your best pizza oven. Spring calls for days spent out in the sun and al fresco dining – and what better supplement to your spring dinner parties than a freshly cooked pizza?

Simply place the pizza oven on top of your best BBQ – whether it be gas or charcoal – and get cooking. Better yet, coming in at a low price point of just £39.99, it's a must for springtime get-togethers.

Aldi BBQ pizza oven against pink background

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi BBQ pizza oven

Slightly smaller than the traditionally large Aldi gas pizza oven that graced stores this time last year, this smaller BBQ pizza oven counterpart is perfect for turning any small garden into a pizzeria.

Practical and compact, this pizza oven features a high-quality ceramic pizza stone and integrated thermometer to ensure budget-friendly dishes that don't scrimp on quality or taste.

Equipped with the ability to cook a 12-inch pizza in just 10 minutes, no longer will you be faced with having to choose between a BBQ or a pizza oven as you can indulge in the benefits of both in any outdoor kitchen.

Aldi BBQ pizza oven cooking pizza on grill

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi's BBQ pizza oven will be available in stores from the 21st of March, while stocks last. However, given its low price of £39.99 and versatility for outdoor dining this spring, we suspect they won't last on shelves for long.

Alternatively, if you don't live near an Aldi or are looking to browse other BBQ pizza oven options, we've pulled together some options that won't break the bank but still promise a delicious result.

Shop BBQ pizza ovens

While you're at it, don't forget to purchase some essentials for your pizza oven, too, including the likes of a pizza peel and a turning pizza peel to help you better use your new investment.

Although the weather might not be quite up to scratch just yet, we'll be running to Aldi on Thursday to get our hands on this outdoor living must-have in good faith. After all, we'd rather be safe than sorry when the sun finally makes its long-anticipated appearance.

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