Gozney's pizza oven is one of the best I've used - it's reduced by 20% ahead of Amazon Prime Day

This tasty deal is on a pizza oven we rated 5 stars in our tests

Gozney Roccbox
(Image credit: Gozney)

If you, like us, are trying to bring nicer weather into existence by still indulging in your favourite warm weather things, then this Gozney Roccbox deal on one of the best pizza ovens we've tried might be just the glimpse of sunlight you need.

Just ahead of this year's Amazon Prime Day, which is running on the 16th and 17th of July, Gozney is slashing the price of its portable pizza oven the Roccbox by 20%, taking it from £399.99 to £319.00 at Amazon.

The Roccbox is one of our highest-rated pizza ovens after testing dozens of them, with our Gozney Roccbox pizza oven review packed full of details about why this is a great starter oven. With that in mind, here's why the brand's summer sale is worth your attention.

Gozney Roccbox | was £399.00, now £319.00 at Amazon

Gozney Roccbox | was £399.00, now £319.00 at Amazon

This easy-to-use pizza oven is portable enough to be carted to the beach, park or with you on your camping holiday. This model runs on gas, but you can pick up an additional wood burner too if you fancy it.

Gozney's Summer Special sale

If you haven't heard of Gozney before, then welcome into a world of meticulously made pizza ovens with remarkable designs, from the Gozney Dome to the brand new (and fantastically rated by us) Gozney Arc.

This year, Gozney's summer sale is focusing in on two of the brand's bestsellers: the Roccbox, which can make 12-inch pizzas, and the Dome S1, which is a reenvisioned version of the Dome, an oven we've also tried and loved. The Dome S1 is much bigger than the Roccbox and can craft pizzas up to 16 inches wide.

Gozney Roccbox

Testing the Gozney Roccbox at home.

(Image credit: Gozney)

I tested the Roccbox last summer, and can't imagine a better oven to start my pizza-making journey with. Setting it up was so simple, and the foldable legs and carry case means I've successfully taken the oven to friend's houses, as well as to the beach for a pizza evening.

I really enjoyed using the wood burner attachment for a real authentic experience, while the gas burner is supremely efficient if you need to churn pizzas out to a waiting crowd.

Using pizza ovens, the Gozney Roccbox and Woody Pizza Oven on the beach

(Image credit: Future)

Alternatively, if you're looking to upgrade to a bigger and better oven than the one you currently have, 20% off on the Dome S1 might appeal more. We loved the original Dome when we tested it, which has the versatility to really make an outdoor kitchen the real deal.

Gozney Dome S1 | was £1,299.00, now £1,039.00 at Gozney

Gozney Dome S1 | was £1,299.00, now £1,039.00 at Gozney

This gas-only oven is everything that customers loved about the OG Dome, but streamlined into a simpler experience. It'd make a stunning garden centrepiece too.

We're hoping with all we've got that the weather will make a turnaround soon. If it does, then this is the pizza oven deal we're going to be snapping up immediately.

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