Act fast! Ninja’s summer bestseller is now £100 off for Prime Day but the discount ends today

The Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor BBQ can grill, smoke AND air fry, and is now a whole lot cheaper for Prime Day

Ninja Woodfire Outdoor BBQ & Smoker
(Image credit: Ninja)

Ninja's summer must-have has received a hefty discount thanks to Amazon Prime Day, with the Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor BBQ now available for just £329.99 on Amazon until midnight tonight.

After its release this year, this is the lowest price we've seen the Ninja Woodfire at all summer - welcome news for those who have been debating adding it to their Ninja collection for a while.

Not only is the Ninja Woodfire one of the best BBQs out there, but it's also a very capable outdoor air fryer, as we discovered in our review. And as if that wasn't enough, you can also smoke, roast and grill on it. If you are mulling this one over for your garden, then bear in mind that Prime Day deals end at midnight tonight. 

Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor BBQ Grill | was £429.99, now £329.99 at Amazon

Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor BBQ Grill | was £429.99, now £329.99 at Amazon
Ninja only released this do-it-all outdoor electric BBQ this year, making this a standout surprise bargain this Prime Day. When we reviewed it, we thought it excelled at air frying and BBQing, making it a genuinely fantastic summer buy.

The Ninja Woodfire BBQ & Smoker being tested outside at home

The Ninja Woodfire during our review process.

(Image credit: Future)

Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor BBQ Grill

The Ninja Woodfire was a surprise addition to the array of Ninja deals available this Prime Day considering how brand new it is. After the sell out success of Ninja's air fryers, this outdoor product combines the best of both worlds, and seriously impressed our reviewer during testing. 

It's easy to assemble and was straightforward to get up and running at home. Our reviewer added wood pellets in order to use the smoker function, and cooked up a delicious cut of pork, as well as grilled chicken.

Ninja Woodfire BBQ and Air Fryer

(Image credit: Ninja Woodfire)

In fact, our reviewer Alyssa went so far as to say that the Woodfire 'makes it easy to cook both small and large cuts of meat, as well as vegetables without long preheat times or extensive clean up.' 

'If you are looking for a multifunctional appliance that allows you to cook food with great BBQ and smoke flavours while enjoying the outdoors this summer, this Ninja is definitely worth your investment.' 

One gripe that Alyssa did have during testing was that the Ninja Woodfire doesn't come as standard with a cover, and as this is an outdoor only appliance, you'll probably have a need for one. If you are thinking of investing, the Ninja cover itself is also on sale for Prime Day for just £14.89 at Amazon

We think this is a genuinely great price for such a new and multi-functional product, but if you want in you'll have to act fast, as Prime Day deals expire at midnight. 

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