Primark’s new £6 LED lantern is the perfect way to light up your garden – and it’s £20 cheaper than a high-end lookalike

The outdoor LED lantern looks unrecognisable from La Redoute's

Primark LED Hanging Lantern
(Image credit: Primark)

With last week giving us a glimpse of summer weather, we’re even more obsessed with the idea of outdoor living. And with that comes the need to spruce up and decorate our outdoor spaces, no matter how small or big. With 2024 being the year of cool and pretty lighting, Primark’s new LED lantern, which is suitable both for outdoor and indoor use, holds a lot of appeal.

Especially since this both aesthetically pleasing and practical garden lighting idea is the perfect lookalike for La Redoute’s Fanosa 21cm High Indoor/Outdoor Lantern. Only Primark's LED Hanging Lantern is £6, while La Redoute’s version is £26.

Which is, of course, a whole £20 price difference! And if they were placed next to each other, we would really struggle to be able to tell which is which. That’s how similar they actually are.

La Redoute Fanosa 21cm High Indoor Outdoor Lantern

(Image credit: La Redoute)

Primark’s outdoor LED lantern

If you’re searching for a wireless outdoor lamp, which is one of the biggest garden trends of the year, then choosing a battery-powered LED design like one of these lanterns is the perfect solution.

‘LED bulbs are ideal for evenly illuminating large spaces and preventing dark corners,’ says Matthew Currington, technical director at The Lighting Superstore.

Julian Page, head of design at BHS, adds, ‘Outdoor lights offer the advantage of adding visual interest and ambience to your outdoor area, enhancing its aesthetic appeal in a way that makes your space stand out from others.’

The lantern shape makes these designs look whimsical but the execution is modern at the same time. Both are set within a plastic frame available in multiple colours, fitted with a top handle, which makes it easy to carry from place to place, as well as hang it in an elevated spot.

Primark LED Hanging Lantern

(Image credit: Primark)

The only downside of the Primark dupe is that just like anything else from the brand, it’s only available to purchase from one of the physical stores as Primark doesn’t sell its products online. So if you don’t have a Primark store near you or perhaps prefer one of the colourways of La Redoute’s lantern, then you can go for that one instead. As long as you don’t mind the more premium price.

But either of these will look just as lovely illuminating your garden this summer!

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