Aldi is selling an £8 alternative to the Mrs Hinch-approved SonicScrubber – it's a cleaning caddy essential

Make cleaning a breeze with this must-have tool

Aldi electric cleaning brush against pink background
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Aldi is selling an electric cleaning brush similar to the famed SonicScrubber, but for a fraction of the price at just £7.99. Making its return to Aldi stores on the 15th of February, this is a cleaning essential you don't want to miss.

While cleaning is a task many would much rather not do, opting for the best cleaning products is key to making it as enjoyable as possible. The SonicScrubber has long been a Mrs Hinch-approved must-have for cleaning grout in tiles and other intricate, tricky jobs.

Considering the SonicScrubber has played a huge role in a handful of the Ideal Home team's cleaning jobs, we are behind the supermarket hero relaunching its budget version. 

Cleaning caddy filled with cleaning products

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi electric cleaning brush

For areas that are trickier to tackle (like that wretched hidden part of the sink we forget to clean), Aldi's new electric cleaning brush is the perfect tool for the job.

Operating similarly to the SonicScrubber, the ultrasonic scrubber is equipped with four interchangeable heads for whatever hard-to-get-to area you've got to work through on your big ol' cleaning calendar checklist.

Not only will it save you the time and effort of endlessly scrubbing away at one stubborn area, but it won't cost you much either at a price tag of just £7.99 – all attachments included. Compared to The £22 Sonicscrubber counterpart, if budget is your top priority then it's a deal certainly worth considering.

From cleaning a shower drain to getting rid of mould on walls, this electric cleaning brush is sure to come in handy and join your cleaning roster long-term. Better yet, Aldi will also be selling a cleaning caddy to help you store all your favourite cleaning products.

Aldi's electric cleaning brush will be available to buy in stores on the 15th of February and given its budget price, we can only imagine that it'll fly off shelves. So, if you've got your eyes on this cleaning companion then we suggest tabbing the date and heading to your local as soon as possible.

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