Dyson announce the launch of its first-ever dedicated wet floor cleaner – complete with a self-cleaning mode

The Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner solves some of our biggest problems

Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner cleaning up a tomato splatter under a chair
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Today, Dyson has announced the launch of its first-ever dedicated wet floor cleaner that we're confident is set to disrupt the floorcare industry for good. Boasting high power, ease, and (get this) a self-cleaning mechanism, the Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner is guaranteed to be the latest addition to your wish list.

It's no secret that Dyson regularly comes out on top as far as best vacuum cleaners go, but could the brand's first dedicated wet floor cleaner equally command our attention? Designed to pick up wet and dry debris in one fell swoop, the all-new Dyson Wash G1 may just be the solution we've long been after to effectively clean wooden floors and other hard flooring without so much as breaking a sweat.

With an RRP of £599.99 and available to buy later this year, what exactly can you expect from Dyson's newest launch? I was lucky enough to get a first look at the WashG1 wet floor cleaner and can confirm that it's big news.

Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner

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Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner first look

The Dyson WashG1 is the latest addition to the brand's very strong roster of floorcare technology. As mentioned earlier, it's been designed to pick up wet and dry debris in one go and deliver a hygienic clean on hard floors.

Equipped with a 1-litre clean-water tank to cover flooring up to 290m², the Dyson WashG1 uses a combination of hydration, absorption, and extraction technologies to effectively remove wet and dry debris, automatically separating it.

Although it can be comparable to the impressive wet-to-dry Dyson Submarine which earned a 4.5 rating in our review, the Dyson WashG1 is different in the way that it's simply a wet floor cleaner at its core – having gone a step ahead to solve issues we typically face with wet floor cleaners.

Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner

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Commenting on the launch, Charlie Park, vice president of Dyson Home Engineering at Dyson says, 'Over the years, a vast array of wet floor cleaning formats have emerged to help us tackle this chore yet users' expectations are often left unfulfilled when it comes to stain removal, pick-up performance and floor finish.'

'Dyson engineers solve the problems others ignore and we thrive on the challenge of creating better technology. The Dyson WashG1 is the result of this; our first dedicated wet machine to wash hard floors, properly and hygienically.'

First impressions

Having seen the Dyson WashG1 in person, it's safe to say that it certainly impressed me. Admittedly, not even the best mops can convince me that wet cleaning is an enjoyable task, but I might just have to eat my words with this innovative wet floor cleaner.

To get a feel for its power and how it works, I had a go at cleaning up coffee spills and cereal on the hard floor. With one run-through, the Dyson WashG1 picked everything up effectively and was pretty easy to manoeuvre and any remaining moisture dried up in seconds. Despite sporting two water tanks, it was still quite lightweight too, which I can imagine works a treat in case you're in for a long session of cleaning laminate flooring, for example.

The Dyson WashG1 has different power settings depending on your floor type and a specific mode for tackling especially stubborn stains. This is something we're keen to look more into once we've had a chance to review it in full.

Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner

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However, the most exciting thing we're anticipating is how easy the Dyson WashG1 is to maintain and clean. The wet floor cleaner can run a clever self-cleaning cycle to ensure the rollers are free from any remaining debris or liquid residue, and the tanks can be rinsed clean just as easily by dumping the dirty water into the sink.

Better yet, anything dry that the Dyson WashG1 picks up simply collects in the debris tray for easy disposal at the end of your cleaning session, which is a win.

Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner

(Image credit: Dyson)

The Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner will be available soon at an RRP of £599.99. To register your interest, Dyson recommends subscribing to their newsletter to be the first to hear when it's live. In the meantime, there are plenty of other Dyson deals to browse through while you play the waiting game.

Alternatively, we'll also be one of the first to deliver any news we hear about the live date of the Dyson WashG1 because believe me, we're just as excited as you are.

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