Courteney Cox's 'reverse' dark kitchen is a new approach to kitchen design – experts say it's 'bang on trend for 2024'

Her risky take on this scheme is one for the books

Courteney Cox
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Courteney Cox's love for cooking didn't end with her long-time role as chef Monica Geller, but is something the actress frequently shares with fans. The Friends star took to Instagram to share her newest recipe, where we spotted her kitchen nailing a new approach to design: the 'reverse' dark kitchen.

Dark kitchens are undeniably climbing the ranks as one of the more popular kitchen trends cascading through celebrity homes, where we've seen actors and singers alike embracing the moodier kitchen colour scheme with its unique flairs. However, Courteney's take on the dark kitchen trend is unlike any others we've come across.

'Whilst darker kitchen cabinets and worktops are usually accented by lighter-coloured walls and flooring, Courteney opted to accent her lighter-toned kitchen with darker flooring and worktops,' notes Jen Nash, head of design at fitted kitchen specialists, Magnet. 'This works well in her space as it creates a sophisticated look but also strikes a clear visual balance.'

Although we've previously had a glimpse into Courteney Cox's invisible kitchen, this is the first time we've been given a wider look around the actress' cooking space. On top of championing the growing trend of hidden kitchens for a clutter-free space, Courteney is also embracing what many kitchen designers predict to be this year's hottest colour scheme: black kitchens.

'Courteney's kitchen is bang on trend for 2024, as kitchen design is about being bold with colour,' remarks Richard Davonport, managing director at luxury kitchen designers, Davonport. 'We're typically seeing more deep reds, purples, browns, and blacks in kitchens.'

Considering the idea of a dark kitchen has been flipped on its head, Jen notes that 'Courteney's 'reverse' dark kitchen is a new approach to kitchen design and is becoming increasingly popular as people look to embrace bolder colours within their kitchen space'.

Kitchen with dark grey walls and kitchen island with bar stools

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But of course, the key to making a dark colour scheme work, as we've seen in the likes of other celebrity homes like Olly Murs' kitchen and Marvin Humes' kitchen, is balance.

'Whilst most people choose to incorporate darker colours through cabinetry and worktops, there really is no set rule when it comes to integrating darker colours in the kitchen,' explains Darren Watts, showroom design director at Wren Kitchens. 'The use and placement of colour depend on the shape and size of your kitchen primarily, as we aim to flatter and enhance the space.'

Darren notes that Courteney Cox's kitchen appears fairly large and square-shaped, meaning she can afford to be more experimental and brave with the use of darker colours. However, this isn't to say that the same can't be done if you have a small kitchen. It just takes a little extra consideration.

A living room with dark blue wall, white storage shelves, and step stool with a vase of flowers and wooden floors

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How to replicate a 'reverse' dark kitchen

'When attempting the 'reverse' kitchen look, it is important to make sure the quantity of dark vs light features is balanced across the space,' begins Jen.

'Consider the space you have available and be sure to not overwhelm it. In smaller spaces, lean towards a predominantly light kitchen scheme, incorporating darker furnishings strategically to enhance visual interest and allure.'

As well as cleverly peppering in darker furnishings throughout your space, for darker kitchens, in particular, Jen adds that it is essential to incorporate diverse textures to add 'visual intrigue and depth' to the room.

Fitted kitchen with a wall of storage shelves and dark grey units

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'Following Courteney's example, think about integrating wood elements into your kitchen layout and contrast them with polished marble tiles and dark, sleek accents,' she suggests.

Richard concludes that opting for natural wood cabinetry will bring 'warmth and texture with the wood detailing, which is what pulls this type of bold kitchen together', just as Courteney has done.

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