This simple hack turns these IKEA storage boxes into a stylish display for your favourite mugs

It's stylish yet equally practical

Mugs and teapot and decorative vase displayed on wooden surface
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Coffee corners are quickly rising as latest kitchen must-have on social media, and out of the many we've been spotting there's one thing in common about them all: they've turned the basic act of storing mugs into more than just something functional, but rather a statement piece in itself.

One example of this clever way to store mugs is the Instagram-viral JYSK wall shelf that graced our feeds a couple of weeks ago, whereby a decorative shelf becomes a dedicated space for all your mugs to live in a way that is stylish yet equally practical.

However, since then we've spotted Instagram users embracing a clever IKEA hack that allows them to make their own custom mug shelf by simply sporadically stacking multiple IKEA DRAGAN boxes on top of one another and gluing together – resulting in a beautiful shelf perfect for displaying your favourite mugs.

The hack has garnered over 685,000 views with comments filled by impressed fans. 

'You just solved a problem I have had for a long time,' begins one comment. 'I've always wanted a little coffee cup covered, but never had the wall space for it.' 

Another translated comment even praises this hack as the 'perfect idea', and we couldn't agree more.

Even the creator of the video herself claimed that she was 'obsessed' with the final result – and for good reason.

Kitchen worktop and shelves on white tiled walls with crockery and cheeseboard under glass dome

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

Although mug shelves and displays are becoming a more popular kitchen storage idea by the minute and can be bought from a handful of retailers, opting for this method is a sure-fire way to ensure a bespoke piece that looks like you put more effort into it than you actually did.

Needless to say, it's an easy DIY project that we think anybody can do at home – and won't cost you much to recreate at all.

What you'll need

That said, we think this easy hack is certainly worth giving a go at home, especially if you've already made the effort to create a dedicated kitchen coffee station and are looking to give your mugs a funky, new home on your kitchen worktop.

The configurations for how you choose to stack your boxes are pretty much endless, so simply having fun with it is the way forward should you choose to try this hack for yourself and is sure to be an eye-catching addition to your kitchen.

Jullia Joson
Junior Writer

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