The latest hack to instantly refresh your kitchen worktops using a plant pot – fans on TikTok are calling it 'genius'

Give your plant pots a new lease of life in your cooking space

Butlers sink set into pale grey kitchen cupboards, pale grey splash back and copper taps
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It's official. We're declaring 2024 a year of reusing and upcycling where we can – in the kitchen, especially. This includes using items outside of their usual purpose and giving them a new lease of life. Well, what if we told you that people are using plant pots as utensil holders?

We love a good DIY storage idea as much as the next person, so you can only imagine our excitement when we saw the trending hack of people repurposing plant pots as utensil holders. After hearing the many ways you can reuse Gu pots that have subsequently allowed us to dust off our unintentionally growing collection of these dessert pots, we're keen to be clued up on similar upcycling opportunities.

Needless to say, the concept of using plant pots as utensil holders is a budget kitchen idea we can certainly get behind.

Butlers sink set into pale grey kitchen cupboards, pale grey splash back and copper taps

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

Using plant pots as utensil holders

If you've temporarily retired your container garden for the winter, chances are you've got an overflowing collection of plant pots currently not in use. That ends today. Not only are your plant pots probably a lot cheaper than some utensil holders on the market, but they're also likely a lot more aesthetically pleasing as far as kitchen storage ideas go.

The bobbin trend and bubble plates are viral buys that have swept homes, and as a result, there are a lot of inspired plant pots and planters alike that have been released after the fact. Not to mention, compared to utensil holders, plant pots come in a whole selection of colours, perfect for complementing your kitchen colour scheme.


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If you ask us, it's an easy way to make a kitchen look expensive, especially on a budget.

Commenting on the hack, Harriet Pringle, founder of homeware marketplace app, Narchie says, 'There are no rules for decorating your home; you have the freedom to use pieces in different ways than their traditional purposes. Opting for an old planter as a utensil holder is a great sustainable choice, giving new life to an item.'

Harriet also notes its cost-effectiveness as a result of repurposing something you already own. 'With planters available in various designs, materials, and colours, you can easily find one that complements your kitchen,' she continues. 'Additionally, if a planter doesn't quite suit your needs, you can upcycle it to create a bespoke piece.'

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There are many videos on TikTok demonstrating the hack, with one video in particular gaining over 427,000 views and others of the same kind with tens of thousands of views, too.

Some comments on the videos read, 'This is so smart,' with another one praising the hack saying, 'Okay but this is genius because they never make utensil holders big enough.'

Of course, one of the easiest ways to get stuck into this kitchen trend is to simply reuse plant pots you already have lying around your home. Alternatively, getting your hands on a new plant pot fit for the job is easy enough and won't cost you more than a couple of pounds.

Shop plant pots to use as utensil holders

Best believe we'll be reaching for this hack the next time we've got a kitchen refresh in mind.

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