How to create your own winter coastal hideaway

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  • Coastal or nautical style isn't just a summer look, there's plenty of potential to create a cosy, batten-down-the-hatches style for all year comfort.

    Sun bleached

    If you love feeling close to nature, this natural colour palette and textures are key to this look and will soothe your soul. It’s perfect for a fresh summer style, but it will easily translate into a winter look with the addition of a few more layers in cosier fabrics such as wool and felt and a chunky knit throw to curl up in with a steaming cuppa.

    The Essentials

    Furniture: weathered wood is key to this look, go for grainy pieces of furniture with rough, unfinished surfaces in a range of tones.

    Colour palette: avoid bold blues in favour of soft stone, sand, pebble grey and shell pink.

    Accessories: think baskets, distressed wood frames, washed linen fabrics and chunky knit or felted wool throws. When it comes to seaside motifs, stick to subtle prints and just one or two per room; a fish print here, a driftwood bowl and your look won’t seem too themed. A collection of treasured seaside finds scattered around bring in the real elements of nature.

    Flooring: sisal rugs or carpets add a rustic touch and will warm up pale or painted wood floor boards.Try a chunky knit carpet in the bedroom for an added layer of cosiness.

    It’s essentially a country look, so it will work in any room; in a kitchen, an easy going living space or a calm retreat of a bedroom.

    Smart nautical

    This neat and ordered style might remind you of breezy shorelines and the rolling seas. It’s focus on storage makes it perfect for a smaller home, allowing you to create a room that feels easy-going but not cluttered. It’s a classic, smart-edged look for those who prefer their coastal style shipshape rather than laid back and natural.

    The Essentials

    Furniture: choose feature storage pieces and take inspiration from boat design by adding built-in cubby holes, locker style storage and vintage-look filing cabinets. Dark or salvage style wood, a hint of industrial metal and chocolate brown leather are perfect.

    Colour palette: work in red white and medium to navy blue. White walls may feel a bit too fresh or stark so pale biscuit is a softer contrast against blue and red.

    Accessories: Polished chrome and enamelled lighting (look for outdoor designs), glass lanterns and the odd smart, nautical stripe are a must. Surround yourself with boats, anchors, chandler’s handles and rope details.

    Flooring: Polished wood planks in a medium to dark tone or sisal in natural or dark grey will keep that smart finish. Try a low pile, wool rug in living areas to warm up wooden planks or light coloured sisal.

    This look is ideal for creating a relaxed but organised family room with leather trunks for stowing games, or a bedroom where you can layer up tones of denim blue to inky indigo and use trunks and storage baskets to keep a tidy surface.

    Seascape retreat

    Take the natural approach to coastal style using the fresh hues of sea, sky, clouds and the delicate beauty of pearlescent shells. Balance casual with formal by using both furniture and details in smooth and textured finishes for an eclectic nature inspired scheme. Hints of polished ceramics and glass finishes mixed with natural tones and materials add a soft, feminine sparkle.

    The Essentials

    Furniture: different wood grains and finishes will evoke the various textures of the sea in driftwood beach huts and boat hulls.

    Mid-century style furniture will give an elegant touch to a rough edged look. Slouchy and smart upholstered sofas in dak charcoal adds a contemporary vein throughout.

    Accessories: collect a mixture of ceramics and coloured glass in glossy and matt textures to add soft colour throughout the room. Look for lighting in natural materials such as bamboo, glass and porcelain. Choose fabrics in cotton and linen with subtle prints such as fine stripes and delicate but simple pattern.

    Colour palette: create a seascape of blustery skies and rolling waves with a gentle wash of pale blue-grey paint, along with neutral shades of sun bleached wood tones, sandstone and blush pink.

    Flooring: Polished neutral tiles counteract wallcoverings such as rustic wood panels or wood effect wallpaper for an overall balanced finish or smart casual. For added warmth, particularly in the bedroom, go for neutral wool or boucle sisal in grey tones.

    Bring a neutral canvas to life with texture such as reclaimed and weathered wood, metallic hints, textured flooring and wool and linen soft furnishings.

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