John Lewis reveals shoppers just can't get enough of this risky sofa colour

This sofa colour soared in popularity as shoppers sought beautiful design over function

boucle sofa from john lewis
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Sales of white sofas are up 48% this year, according to John Lewis' 2022 Shop, Live, Look report. The annual round-up of sales figures from the British department store reveals that not only are we seeking 'everyday moments of joy' but that we also just can't get enough of daring white living room sofa ideas.

Lovers of Merlot, this one's not for you.

The white sofa trend

boucle sofa from john lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Over the last year, there's been a shift in what we want from the best sofas, as John Lewis explains. 'Last year, it was function first, with corner sofas in. This year, it was all about beautiful design.

'White sofas were 2022’s status symbol, and our customers certainly made a statement,' says the retailer. 'Even the threat of spilled coffee and muddy pawprints couldn’t stop them.'

To be clear, we'll always, always love a corner sofa, but perhaps we're becoming even more discerning with our furniture choices. Or are we simply feeling more risky?

boucle sofa from john lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

It could be that thanks to Insta we've just been inspired by the stunning boucle sofas in the homes of glamourous figures such as Claudia Schiffer, Gabrielle Union-Wade and Kelly Wearstler.

Whatever the reason for this trend, a white sofa is a bold choice, as while it offers a certain timelessness, it's unforgiving of dirt, hair, spills and sticky fingers. Positioned in a stylish living room, propping up a wall painted in the best white paint, an ivory or crisp white sofa creates a spacious and elegant feel. 

White living room ideas just may not suit everyone's lifestyle. If you have white bedding or often wear an all-white outfit, a white sofa might well be a realistic option. Sofas are just particularly hard-working pieces of furniture, so think carefully.

bedroom with bobbin furniture

(Image credit: John Lewis)

John Lewis says that in this newfound pursuit of beauty, shoppers have been making statements with maximalist styles and wallpaper, as well as white sofas. 'Statement furniture rose fast, with sales of our Bobbin collection quadrupling and patterned carpets up 20%. 'As we went renovation crazy, we sold enough wallpaper to stretch from Land’s End to John O’Groats!' says the department store. 

Would you choose a white sofa? Until we have a house with multiple living rooms, it's a no from us.

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