Six easy ways to save money on energy bills in the kitchen

From cleaning your hob to closing your fridge door
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  • The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but it can cost a small fortune to keep it running.

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    According to a report by Wren Kitchen, the true cost of running a kitchen can set you back around £700 a year. However, it didn’t always cost this much. According to Low Carbon Living energy use, and therefore cost, of kitchen household appliances has tripled since 1970.

    While we can’t go back in time, there are a few tips and tricks that can help save energy in the kitchen.

    Save energy in the kitchen


    The freezer is guilty of using the most energy out of all Kitchen appliances. In use 24/7 it can cost on average £280 to run a year.

    A good way of cutting costs is to make sure the freezer is kept as full as possible. Even if it is just filled with bags of ice, keeping them cold will use less energy and trying to keep air cold.

    Save energy in the kitchen

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    Much like a freezer, a fridge uses a lot of energy and costs around £210 a year to run. A good way to keep running costs down is to not leave the fridge door open when taking food out. This means less energy will be needed to reduce the temperature.

    3.Electric Oven

    save energy in the kitchen 2

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    Over the last few months, ovens have been put through there paces as baking rose in popularity.

    If you have an electric over, it can cost on average £58 to keep running. However, a great way to save money is to turn it off at the plug between uses if you are able.


    Save energy in the kitchen 3

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    One of the most helpful household appliances in a busy family home, a dishwasher costs around £53 a year to run.

    Turning the dishwasher onto energy-saving mode and reducing the temperature, are all great ways to make savings.

    5.Electric hob

    On average an electric hob costs around £44 a year. However, any burnt-on food or grease on the hob will absorb the heats making it less efficient. Always remember to give it a good clean to make sure you aren’t using more energy, and spending more money, than you need to.

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    The average kettle makes five cups of tea a day, which equates to £11.17 a year. To save money, without cutting back on your tea drinking, make sure you only boil the amount of water you need each time.

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    Will you be trying out any of these tips to save money in your Kitchen?

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