Optimise your space with these small bathroom ideas

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If you have a small bathroom don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of small bathroom ideas for you. Don’t despair if you have a small bathroom, as we have a whole host of ideas for decorating your seemingly tiny space. No matter how compact your room, we will have a chic design to fit your needs.

A small bathroom can be stylish, practical and with the right know-how, space-efficient. Make a small bathroom look infinitely bigger with neutral colours that run along the floor, up the walls and even continue onto the bath and loo. This will create a feeling of never ending space, rather than breaking up the bathroom into separate areas, making the room feel boxed in.

Or, add depth to a narrow bathroom with a feature wall. One block colour or exposed bricks work well. Don’t be afraid to go for dark colours as well. They will add an elegant and opulent touch to a small bathroom. Bathroom storage is also essential for keeping clutter at bay.

Think about adding in a skylight to open up your bathroom and create a light and airy space. White furnishings will help to bounce light around the room, meaning you can inject personality with some interesting accessories. Lighting can transform the space. Include task lighting next to mirrors and dimmable options in alcoves or behind a bath to create drama and mood. Make sure all light fittings have the correct IP rating for safe use in wet areas.

If vintage style is more your thing, there is no need to keep a small bathroom plain and minimalist. Clever storage, hung on the walls and pale pastel hues will help to bring your bathroom to life, but still keep a feeling of space and sophistication.

Make an impact with a hotel-style bathroom. Choose a chic black and white bathroom peppered with soft grey for a fresh and modern take on monochrome. Or, a wet room could really open up a small bathroom and create a feeling of luxury and create a spa-like Zen in your home.

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