Simply frill-ing! The vintage French-inspired lighting trend you need to know about

Achieving a pretty home has never been easier

Kitchen with fluted pendant lights over table.
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The grand-millennial look is all the rage right now, from frills to florals, and not forgetting the prettiest pastel shades. The latest addition to the trend? Frilly pendant lights. 

The frilled-edge glass light shades have been popping up all over the high street, so it's safe to say that they're about to become the next highly covetable home decor item on your shopping list. Whether you're looking to spruce up your kitchen lighting ideas, or you're even searching for the best bedroom lighting ideas to create the perfect ambience, adding a sliver of soft, elegant style will upgrade a space. 

How to get the look

'These lights are part of the ‘granny chic’ trend that draws inspiration from the details you may remember from your own Gran’s home. It’s defined by frills, bold patterns, and bright colours with lots of details,' says Ashley Baker, senior interior designer at Vesta.

'Frilly/fluted glass pendants are a trend due to their vintage charm and artisanal quality. The pendant lights can serve as striking statement pieces above dining tables, illuminate kitchen islands, or provide cosy bedside lighting. Beyond their versatility, their textured glass also adds a unique and beautiful light diffusion, creating a warm and inviting ambience in any room,' Ashley continues. 

We've rounded up the best ideas on where to place frilly pendant lights, so that you can make the most of the grand millennial lighting trend, as well as our favourite buys that embody the trend. 

1. Create a cosy table setting

Kitchen with fluted pendant lights over table.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Inspired by French interiors, there's no better placement for frilly pendant lights than above a dining area. It's a fast way to create a bistro look, reminiscent of charming boutique eateries.  

Open-plan kitchens are ideal for a relaxed dining table, as they provide a spot for socialising, quick breakfasts and casual dinners. If you want a complete French-inspired look, a cafe curtain will be the perfect finishing touch. 

‘The beautiful frilly ceramic edges of the Beca pendant act as a decorative ornament that will please when both lit or unlit. Placing this light directly in the middle of the room will draw the eye immediately and make it the focal point. Ceramic lights will add elegance and a sense of luxury, and will allow light to dance across the space and brighten unwanted dark spots,' advises Mary Buchanan, creative director of Laura Ashley Lighting and Mirrors at där lighting.

2. Above an island

deVOL kitchen with bronze kitchen island and frilly pendant light.

(Image credit: deVOL)

Kitchen islands act as a real focal point in a kitchen, offering a central spot for family and friends to gather around for cooking, dining, or just chatting. But when the day starts to draw to a close, you're going to need illumination for completing tasks, as well as ambience for evening soirees. 

A pendant light is perfectly poised over an island, and the frilly look adds a touch of glamour to a kitchen. Whether you favour a neutral, quiet luxury-inspired look, or want to add an elegant contrast to a statement navy kitchen, the soft frilled edges of the lights won't overwhelm a worktop area.

'Our Odette ceiling pendant cuts a stylish silhouette, and has an elegance likened to that of a dancer’s skirt. An unashamedly pretty ceiling light, this fluted shade will elevate any setting,' says Danielle LeVaillant, head of photography & film at Cox & Cox.

'The delicacy of the glass frills are balanced by solid fittings in antiqued brass tones.  We think it’s perfect positioned above a kitchen island where is can be appreciated by all.'

3. Go for a grand millennial bedroom

Bedroom with white fluted pendant light over bed.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The frilly light look isn't just for kitchens and dining rooms - the soft, neutral style makes for the ideal bedroom companion. Many of us want a bedroom scheme that encourages relaxation, so finding stylish yet subtle accessories is key. 

Fluted glass lampshades add a delicate touch that will be easy to find solace around, while also making a bedroom look artfully designed. Combining with a scalloped rug, floral touches and frill-edge bedding will maximise the grand millennial trend, whereas decorating with darker colours and organic shapes will contrast the dainty style.

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