The TikTok famous £35 George Home side table we predict will be a sellout

This budget gem has taken affordable elegance to a new level

White side table with curved vases on top
(Image credit: George Home)

Asda's homeware range, George Home, is selling a gorgeous designer-style side table that we're anticipating to be a sellout – it's giving major quiet luxury vibes and the best thing about it? It's only £35.

It's no secret that the team here at Ideal Home loves George Home as much as the next person, and when it comes to staying on top of the latest home decor trends, believe us when we say they've got you sorted.

White side table with vases on top

(Image credit: George Home)

George Home rainbow side table

The Cream Speckled-Effect Rainbow Side Table is available to buy in-store and online at George Home for £35 – a fair, affordable price when you consider how much more expensive it really looks.

We think it's the perfect addition to a modern living room idea, and as far as living room trends go, it's also a winner if you want to add some texture and add depth to your space.

| £35.00 at George Home

Cream Speckled-Effect Rainbow Side Table | £35.00 at George Home

Boasting a luxe-feeling silhouette that's simply to die for, this cream resin side table is sure to make any room in your home look more expensive than it is.

George Home says, 'There has been an influx of customer user-generated content featuring the rainbow side table, including Fenlon Interiors on TikTok who's a big fan of George Home products, previously raving about the Pebble Resin Side Table and predicting this one will also be a 'sell-out.'

Ellie, home interior content creator and stylist at Fenlon Interiors says, 'Asda George is coming through with the goods, let me tell you. I am always obsessed when they release something and it will always not fail to sell out. I suggest you run now.'

White side table with curved vases on top

(Image credit: George Home)

In the comments of the TikTok video are a handful of George Home fans fawning over the home decor piece. One comment reads, 'I got this last week it's absolutely I'm obsessed,' with another saying, 'Got this 1st time round it's fabulous for £35.'

In a later video, Ellie showcases how she styled her side table, placing it next to her boucle armchair, complete with a unique curvy vase and a black resin teddy bear figure stacked on top of a set of fashion books – which we think just oozes luxe and sophistication.


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From their cosy and bright Modern Cottage spring collection we've previously raved about it to a transition into more luxe-looking pieces for the summer, impressed is an understatement – and they've really hit the nail on the head this time with this side table that's sure to make your living room look expensive, even on a budget.

We have to admit, we're extremely tempted to get our hands on one to see the hype for ourselves, but for now, we'll let the rave reviews and recommendations speak for themselves.

Jullia Joson
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