IKEA has dropped prices across its iconic BILLY bookcase range

Our 4 favourite hacks elevating the flatpack classic

IKEA BILLY bookcase with glass doors in grey-metallic finish
(Image credit: IKEA)

The IKEA BILLY bookcase is a staple among the Swedish brand's repertoire of cult classics, standing proud as one of their most popular and sought-after products. Well, we've got good news because IKEA has announced a new lower price for some of their BILLY bookcase models ahead of Easter.

Whether you plan to use the BILLY bookcase straight out of the box (after you put it together, of course) or want to get your hands on one to elevate following a new IKEA hack you've spotted online, consider this all-new lower price your sign to finally get started.

IKEA has been rolling out quite a handful of changes lately in the land of their BILLY bookcase series, from undergoing a material change last year to rolling out a limited edition blue colourway in January. However, we have to say that this change may just be the most exciting of them all.

IKEA BILLY tall and slim bookcase

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA BILLY bookcases new lower price

You can now get a BILLY bookcase with glass doors in a grey-metallic finish for £150, down from £199. A range of supporting items from the BILLY family have also been reduced, including the BILLY white drawer on castors from £35 to £25 and the BILLY tall and slim bookcase down to £35 from £39. Meanwhile, the traditional bestselling BILLY bookcase remains at its affordable £55 price point.

The price cuts are part of a continued roll-out of 'new lower prices' across hundreds of items which kicked off in January on 1,500 IKEA products. We already saw this change come into effect with the new lower price on KALLAX shelves and other bestsellers, including a price drop on the RASKOG trolley.

IKEA BILLY bookcase with glass doors in grey-metallic finish

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA BILLY bookcase hacks

On that note, while we've got you, here are a couple of our favourite IKEA hacks turning a BILLY bookcase into a bespoke dream. If you've been inspired to invest after the new price drop.

1. Dining room shelving unit

white room with shelf and wooden table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Joanna Henderson)

If you're down on dining room storage solutions, consider purchasing a couple of BILLY bookcases and turning them into your own ideal shelving display. Better yet, if you've got a busy household, why not add a blackboard to the side for food shop planning, a to-do list, and general reminders?

2. A bespoke library

A built-in bookcase using IKEA BILLY bookcases

(Image credit: Caroline McQuistin @carolinemcquistin)

For those of you who are bookworms, on the other hand, and are in the market for a spacious yet equally stylish book storage idea, why not go bespoke? This genius TikTok IKEA hack by Caroline McQuistin (@carolinemcquistin) used three BILLY bookcases to create the library of her dreams and painted it blue for a bright pop of colour. Needless to say, we're obsessed.

3. A luxury cabinet

room with white jug in white cupboard

(Image credit: Jennifer Rothbury)

Although IKEA classics look timeless as they are, we'll never turn down a luxed-up version. This clever hack by Jen Rothbury (@crack_the_shutters) turns a BILLY bookcase into a luxury cabinet that looks so good, you wouldn't even believe it was an IKEA product.

4. Den-style nook

red wall room with bookcases and carpet

(Image credit: Future Plc/Tim Young)

Rather than placing your BILLY bookshelves against a wall as you typically would, consider facing them towards each other and draping a curtain above to create a den-style nook perfect for reading and playing in your children's room.

Although the reduced price of BILLY bookcases is what took our immediate interest, a couple more of IKEA's new lower-price products include BRIMNES and MALM bedframes, the HEMNES glass door cabinet, and the ever-popular DRONA boxes (which are a perfect fit for KALLAX shelving). In fact, 400 products altogether have been reduced across the retailer's homeware and storage ranges.

Seeing as inflation and hiked-up prices are happening everywhere, it's a breath of fresh air, to say the least, that IKEA are going in the opposite direction, boosting affordability for shoppers during what continues to be a challenging cost of living period.

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