Where to buy Christmas decorations - The best places for baubles, tree toppers and garlands

Looking to give your home a twinkling makeover this December? Here's our pick of where to buy Christmas decorations

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Wondering where to buy Christmas decorations this year? And the very best Christmas decorations at that? We don't blame you: decking the halls with boughs of holly is so 1862, after all.

When it comes to making our merriest and brightest Christmas ideas a reality, it's important to know where to source the best decorations – and, with countless stores getting in on the festive action, that can feel... well, it can feel an overwhelming task, to say the least.

Thankfully, help is at hand! We've pooled together our expert knowledge to make a list (which we've checked twice, Santa-style) of our absolute favourite places to buy Christmas decorations.

Hey, you need the best baubles to pop on one of the best artificial Christmas trees, right? 

Where to buy Christmas decorations – the quick list

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11 of our favourite places to buy Christmas decorations

The Grinch may have taught us that Christmas doesn't come from a store (Christmas, he says, means a little bit more), and yes, the spirit of Christmas can be found wherever people come together to celebrate the holiday. 

That being said, we've looked into the very best places to buy festive decorations if you're hoping to tap into the year's big Christmas trends. Because, admit it, there's nothing quite like hanging a few extra-special baubles on the tree, right?

Keep calm, then, and prepare to jingle all the way to the checkouts...

1. John Lewis & Partners

If you're wondering where to buy Christmas decorations this year, might we be so bold as to point you in the direction of John Lewis & Partners? 

Why? Because, as their must-watch adverts make abundantly clear every December, this store takes Christmas (and Christmas living room decor) very seriously indeed...

Our favourite Christmas decoration in John Lewis' bumper selection of 2023 decs has to be this striking Winter Fairytale Moon Santa Bauble.

Simple and striking, it taps into this year's big zodiac homeware trend perfectly – but, to be honest, there are so many gorgeous decs to choose from at John Lewis this year. Like, so so many.

2. The Range

If you're looking for a purse-friendly place to buy Christmas decorations, then you'll definitely want to check out The Range.

Oh sure, they might be bigging up their impossibly wide range of Christmas gonks this year, but there are still plenty of other festive treats to be found in the mix, if only you look hard enough...

There's no getting away from the fact that gonks are going to be a VBD this Christmas, so it makes sense that The Range is leaning into the Nordic festive trend in a big way. And, let's face it, these little winter critters – said to protect our homes in winter – are pretty cute.

Still, that doesn't mean we have to stick to a strict gonks-only rule when shopping to make our best Christmas tree ideas a reality...

3. Dunelm

All hail Dunelm for giving us a one-stop shop to buy Christmas decorations at! 

This year, the online store has vowed to help people find their Christmas style, whether that be traditional, evergreen, joyful, or magical, so you can go in expecting to have your head turned in plenty of directions...

Our star (of wonder, star of light) product from Dunelm this year is the set of 7 Green and Gold Fan Wall Decorations seen above, not least of all because it helps us transform even the starkest bit of wall into something stylish and festive.

Still, there's also plenty of Christmas decorations on our hot list, including a cute pot hanger, a foldout village scene that's perfect Christmas mantel decor, and that all-important disco bauble...


When it comes to IKEA, you better believe that their bumper range of Christmas decorations hits all of our favourite hygge high notes...

If you're on the hunt for Christmas wall decor ideas, you'll undoubtedly be as impressed with IKEA's bamboo wall hanging as we are: it's the ultimate when it comes to space-saving Christmas trees!

That being said, you don't need to go elsewhere to buy Christmas decorations if you're looking for something a little different, as the range is filled with everything from garlands to elf doors...

5. The White Company

If you ask anyone where to buy Christmas decorations, you're pretty much guaranteed that they'll steer you in the direction of The White Company, and little wonder: this shop somehow manages to bottle and sell pure festive vibes every year running...

Honestly, The White Company is selling the perfect space-saving Christmas tree alternative this year – its compact size makes it ideal for smaller homes, without scrimping on the festive spirit.

That being said, there are plenty more Christmas decorations to lose your heart to in The White Company's Christmas shop, of course...

6. H&M

Our beloved H&M sure knows a thing or two about setting the scene for Christmas. No wonder so many people are heading there to buy Christmas decorations in their droves this year, eh?

H&M does homeware spectacularly well, no matter the season, so it stands to reason (hey, that rhymes!) they keep up their end of the bargain over the festive season. Just check out this gorgeous cushion cover if you don't believe us: it's well worth adding to your Christmas checklist.

Still not sure it's the best place to buy Christmas decorations? Let our edit of H&M's holiday decor change your mind...

7. George Home

Wondering where to buy Christmas decorations that will start a conversation around the tree? George Home is all about the pop culture references and quirky out-there baubles this festive season.

Harry Potter has been synonymous with Christmastime ever since the first film roared into cinemas back in 2001, so it stands to reason this beautifully designed ornament is racking up the 5-star reviews on George Home.

Still, if you're more into your traditional muggle decs so as not to steal the spotlight from your magical Elf On The Shelf ideas, there's plenty on offer...

8. Marks & Spencer

From their festive food to their iconic gifts, it stands to reason that Marks & Spencer is also one of the best places to buy Christmas decorations. And that, of course, their array of baubles and glittering garlands stands apart from many others.

After all, these aren't just Christmas decorations; these are M&S Christmas decorations, darlings.

Our top pick from Marks & Spencer's range of Christmas decorations is this softly-illuminated townhouse (also available as a woodland scene, if you're a country mouse), due to its unerring ability to add warmth and festivity to any window or mantel.

This being M&S, though, there are plenty more treats in store – including a bestselling Percy Pig number, for fans of the iconic swine. Look this way if you need some ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree...

9. Wayfair

If you're still wondering where to buy Christmas decorations, you can't go wrong with a trip down Wayfair's virtual aisles. From baubles and tree ornaments, to nutcrackers and Christmas candle holders, there's something here to suit everyone's tastes... and at a very merry price, too.

Our favourite Christmas decoration at Wayfair caught us offguard, but the eyes of these cute little woodland critters just scream 'hygge' – and you'd better believe that Scandi Christmas vibes are very much en vogue again this year.

You can also, though, deck your whole tree out with one of the online store's complete Christmas decoration box sets (perfect for fake and real Christmas trees alike!), or light up your windowsill with a gorgeous light-up scene. And did we mention baubles and felt mice aplenty?

10. Etsy

If you're looking to a) support small businesses and b) keep things feeling cute and sustainable, then you'll likely want to buy Christmas decorations over at Etsy. Honestly, with so many vendors in one place, you're basically guaranteed to find something that suits your vibe...

Have you ever seen a Christmas wreath quite so beautiful as this one? Handmade with real flowers, it promises to keep your home deliciously perfumed until New Year's Eve (and, if you prefer a slightly different look, Cagla is more than willing to discuss custom orders).

If you already have a wreath to afix to your front door, don't despair: there are still thousands of Christmas decorations to buy on Etsy, all of which pack a DIY Christmas decor punch...

11. Liberty London

Widely considered by many to be the GOAT when it comes to all things festive, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to shop Christmas decorations than Liberty London. And, as always, they have so many goodies on offer this year...

We honestly struggled to pick a standout Christmas decoration from Liberty London's 2023 collection of baubles and trinkets, but this hand-painted Miffy ornament just about cinched it. Dazzing, whimsical, and nostalgic? It ticks every box!

That being said, there are still plenty more decs worth cooing over...

12. Oliver Bonas

Hark, the herald angels sing: glory to Oliver Bonas, for delivering yet another load of chic and colourful Christmas decorations this year!

Bright ruby like a sunset, we're in love with this Negroni Orange Beaded Christmas Tree Decoration from Oliver Bonas – not least of all because it pays homage to that TikTok cocktail. 

Still, teetotals will find plenty to lap up in the collection, too (there's a hot chocolate version of the above tipple, for starters!).

13. Anthropologie

Honestly, if you're trying to find the place to buy Christmas decorations that stand out from the crowd, you need to go to Anthropologie. Because, thanks to its array of bold and beautiful baubles and decorations, this is genuinely a 'festive icons only' kinda store.

Oh sure, you could have a star at the top of your tree – but you could, if you buy your Christmas tree topper at Anthropologie, have a golden unicorn instead. A golden unicorn. What did we tell you about this shop being for festive icons only?

Of course, there are more than just (just!) unicorns on offer; Anthropologie also has an excellent range of Christmas baubles, stockings, tablecloths, crockery, and candles galore.


Where has the best Christmas decorations?

When it comes to buying Christmas decorations, it's all down to personal preference. From The Range to Liberty London, we've rounded up our pick of those retailers that we think know their stuff when it comes to holiday decor – but you could just as easily pick up some absolute beauties second-hand via eBay or your local charity shop. It's all about sniffing out those baubles and trinkets that speak to your very own version of the festive spirit!

When to get Christmas decorations on sale?

One of the best ways to save money on Christmas decorations is to wait until just after Christmas before you buy anything. That's right: opt for timeless pieces (or pieces that speak to you on a personal level) and pick them up in the winter sales, and you should help spread the cost of the holiday over a number of months.

How soon is too soon to decorate for Christmas?

It's never too soon to decorate for Christmas! Although, if you want to abide by society's norms, most people wait until after Halloween and 23 November (that's Thanksgiving in the US) to start decking the halls with boughs of holly/bauble after bauble.

So, hopefully that answers all of your questions around where to buy Christmas decorations this year. 

Of course, there is a chance that you may make it onto the Nice list; if so, perhaps Santa might be dropping by the winter sales on his way to your house and gifting you a lavish stash of decorations to squirrel away for next year.

We can but hope, eh? Merry Christmas!

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