8 indulgent bathrooms for winter soaks

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  • Take time out on cold nights with a pampering soak in a bubble-filled tub and a mood-boosting atmosphere. Our country inspired bathroom ideas will help you create the perfect sanctuary space

    1. Calming colours
    ‘As private domains, bathrooms are spaces where you can afford to be a bit more indulgent with the decor,’ says textile designer Vanessa Arbuthnott. ‘Choose a wallpaper design that you can lie in the bath and admire, and introduce a co-ordinating fabric on a classic blind.’ Cool colours, such as greens and blues, are considered naturally calming by colour psychologists, but this season’s deliberately muted, sludgy hues have a look that is particularly easy on the eyes.

    2. Make the most of the view
    ‘If you are in the fortunate position of having a bathroom that is not overlooked, locate your bath by a window so that you can lie back and let yourself drift away as you admire the view,’ suggests Rob Whitaker, Creative Director at Fired Earth. ‘Keeping the lighting in the room low – candlelight is ideal – will let you immerse yourself in the beauty of a starlit sky.’

    3. Warm to an open fire
    ‘What could possibly be more luxurious than a leisurely soak in a bathroom with an open fire?’ says Drummonds’ Chairman, Drummond Shaw. Chesney’s stocks a covetable array of marble fireplaces in a variety of styles or, if a chimney isn’t accessible, consider a real flame bioethanol fireplace – Decoflame’s range is eco-friendly, smoke-free and easy to install.

    4. Sensual Lighting
    ‘Lighting is of paramount importance when seeking to create a serene bathing haven and we favour a combination of dramatic wall fixtures and twinkling spotlights, which bathe the bathroom in a sensual glow,’ says Helen Bygraves, co-founder of Hill House Interiors. Dimmer controls make it easy to switch the lighting from bright and functional to softly diffused. Consider a digital system – try Rako – to programme your own settings for day and night.

    5. Salon style
    Decorating your bathroom with furniture and upholstery more frequently found in a living room or bedroom is a growing trend among those seeking to set the mood for serious relaxation. Choose pieces with character that will help balance the cold surfaces of bathroom sanitaryware and enhance the look with statement wallpaper and a luxurious rug.

    6. Make room
    Space is a luxury in any home but many people are now happily sacrificing an unused bedroom for a bigger bathroom. You can also gain space by moving doorways or stealing it from an adjacent hallway. ‘One of the main benefits is that a larger room can take generously sized fittings that are a joy to use,’ says Howard Birch, Managing Director, Aston Matthews.

    7. Deep baths
    The shoulder-enveloping fill of a French-inspired bateau bath is hard to beat when you need a really deep, indulgent soak.Handcrafted from pure copper with a tarnish-protecting tin finish, this rustic bateau also scores on the style front. ‘Copper also has natural heat-retaining properties so you will be able to linger for longer without having to top up the hot water,’ says William Holland’s Sales Manager, Marc Howlett.

    8. Spa effects
    Recreate the luxury of a spa hotel at home by installing a whirlpool bath. The latest models have bespoke jets that can be aligned with key pressure points in your body for maximum massaging effect, plus integrated sound and even aromatherapy – try Teuco. Designer Justin Van Breda softens the modern technology with exposed beams and brickwork in his own country home.

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