Weird and wonderful bathrooms – 10 ideas

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  • Want to make a statement in your bathroom? Forget standard suites and traditional fixtures and go for bold and unusual bathroom design ideas instead. From patterned wallpaper to unique colour schemes and decadent soft furnishings, there are so many ways to makeover your bathroom. Sometimes, it’s as easy as adding a screen in unusual material, or some bold lighting choices that no one else has thought of pairing with your present style.

    Or, create a bathroom that really is one of a kind with a complete overhaul of your current decor. A bold design really makes a statement and if you’re clever with your choices, your unconventional style will be the envy of all your friends.

    If you want to end up with a totally weird and wonderful bathroom, now is the time to think outside the box. Ignore the usual rules and make up your own to see results that are truly individual. Just because your bathroom is tiny, it doesn’t mean it has to be bright and white to make it feel bigger. Break free of a neutral colour scheme and bravely go for dark colours. Silver, black and grey will give an opulent feel, even to a small space.

    Or, pick a bold theme and run with it. An Oriental-style bathroom is easier to achieve than you think and will make a big, glamorous impact. Choose pretty pastel walls, brightly coloured furniture and Art Deco flooring to make an individual statement. Or, for an instant change that won’t mean completely redecorating, why not add a printed blind, wall mural or some patterned wallpaper?

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