Stacey Solomon's risky bathroom sinks might be OTT – but we are completely obsessed with them

Experts love how they 'demand attention'

Stacey Solomon
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Stacey Solomon is making a case for this whimsical, mid-century bathroom feature which experts say is set to have a 'revival' in 2024 – and we can't get enough of it. Enter, the star's gorgeous clam shell sinks.

Bathroom trends are always changing and evolving, from neutral and minimalist themes to embracing the beauty of grandiose maximalism – and Stacey has opted to tap into the latter, embracing a new and sophisticated take on mermaidcore

We got a glimpse of Pickle Cottage's master bathroom in a recent Instagram reel, in all its statement glory. The 'his and her' clam shell sinks take centre stage as their 'interesting shape and texture demand attention,' begins James Roberts, director at luxury bathroom supplier, Sanctuary Bathrooms.

James goes on to explain that clam shell sinks, also known as scallop or conch sinks, were popular during the mid-20th century, adding a touch of whimsy to otherwise more reserved bathroom ideas.

Although their initial popularity had tailed off in subsequent decades, they are experiencing a 'revival' similar to the way retro and vintage-inspired home decor trends are also regaining traction.

A big trend prediction for 2024 was the idea of learning to embrace interiors better reflective of one's character, waving goodbye to the 'safe' neutral bathroom scheme people often tend to lean towards.

'We're seeing more and more homeowners shift from neutral, simple styles to embracing their personality within their home decor: incorporating fun shapes, bold colours, and interesting textures,' explains James.

White painted bathroom with marble double sink vanity and storage, gold rimmed mirrors hung on wall, and houseplants displayed

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Although Stacey is best known for her pared-back yet equally elevated interior style, she's never shied away from an opportunity to embrace the wacky and wonderful – something we saw her champion in her nostalgic maximalist Christmas tree and front door display over the festive period. That being said, her clam shell sinks are but a small subset of her bolder interior interests.

Better yet, if you're also keen on snapping up one of Stacey Solomon's clam shell sinks for yourself, we've hunted down exactly where she purchased hers from. But be warned, it's quite the investment (and rightfully so).

How to make clam shell sinks work in a bathroom

Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca' Pietra believes clam shell sinks will continue to be a popular choice as bathrooms tend to be a 'place for whimsical style pieces, as well as those rooted in nature' – of which clam shell sinks hit the brief for both.

However, to really bring clam shell sinks bang up to date for the 2020s, Grazzie says it all comes down to how it is styled. 'Pairing it with modern brassware is a must – think brushed brass – though the style of vanity unit it sits on can be both upcycled vintage pieces or more on the contemporary side,' she explains.

Alternatively, you can even mix and match old and new elements to make for an expensive-looking bathroom.

Grazzie concludes, 'Tiles are also important, and you don't want to choose anything overly busy that clashes. Consider arabesque or mosaic tiles.'

White tiled bathroom, shower, sink, mirror, and decorative items

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So, while clam shell sinks have been around for decades, there's no denying that the combination of a revival of retro-inspired interiors and a shift in homeowners creating interesting spaces will only make for the continued rise of popularity for this bathroom trend.

Stacey, you really were onto something – and we love you all the more for it.

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