10 grey bed ideas to help you fall asleep in style

From cosy textures to coordinating colours, here's how to style your grey bed ideas

Bed with grey headboard with white bedding and patterned cushions and throw, in front of blue and white patterned wallpaper
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Our bed takes centre stage in the bedroom, as the place where our eyes naturally fall, so of course, we want it to look as fabulous as possible. If grey bedroom ideas are your vibe, then having some knock-out grey bed ideas are the best place to start.

Having a grey bed brings endless opportunities in terms of colour schemes, textures and surrounding decor into your bedroom ideas. 'Choosing a grey bed gives you the opportunity to add accessories that really spruce up your bedroom', says James Tudge from home accessories brand Museum Selection.

'Grey is an amazing neutral base colour which can make other design choices stand out and shine even brighter.' 

Neutral grey and white bed with yellow throw blanket in front of patterned wallpapered wall

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Plus, grey has famously calm connotations which are ideal for getting a better night's sleep. 'The bed is the best place to bring in the soft and nurturing hues of grey to create a calming environment, says Joanna Ross, General Manager of Design at Sheridan. 'Both modern and stylish, its soothing tones will help you unwind at the end of a long day.' 

Grey bed ideas

The joy of having a grey bed is the freedom of styling choices that come with it. You can incorporate your own preferences into what is possibly the most personal space in the house. Grey beds are versatile, and they look equally stunning when they're matching a grey bedroom colour scheme or in contrast with patterned bedroom feature wall ideas.

So keeping your own personal taste in mind, browse through our top grey bed ideas below and create the sleeping space of your dreams. 

1. Be creative with texture

Grey and white neutral bed with many pillows, cushions and fluffy throw blanket

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A grey bed needs to look - and feel - as cosy as possible, so layer your bedding with cusions, throw pillows and blankets to avoid creating a bed that looks plain and uninviting. 

'A grey bed needs extra texture, so add some soft, textured throws and cushions on top of the duvet', advises Rebecca Reicher, Senior Sleep Designer at Dunelm

Consider swapping out different textures for different seasons to keep your bed looking fresh. 'Velvets and faux furs can be lux and cosy for winter, whereas white linens and cottons are cool and fresh for summer,' advises Rebecca.

2. Warm things up with a splash of colour

King size bed with white and pink bedding and grey headboard. In front of dark wall with wooden bedside table and ottoman

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'If your bed has a grey body and headboard, you’re in luck, as this simple shade pairs well with hundreds of chic colour combinations', says Sam Baldry, Head of Design at Swoon.

You can incorporate a pop of colour through your throw pillows and blanket, or even by choosing bedding which has a different shade running through it alongside grey. Colours with warm hues, like pink, orange and yellow will balance out the cooler tones of grey and bring a cosier vibe. 

3. Stick to neutral bedding

White and grey neutral bed with bedisde table and white curtains

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The soft, muted tones of grey are ideal for the bed because of their peaceful, relaxing connotations. Sticking to this colour palette by incorporating grey and white bedroom ideas into the bedding will create the perfect environment for a deep, restful slumber.

'Pastels and neutrals work well with grey and can give a soft calming feel to your bedroom', says Dunelm's sleep expert Rebecca. Sometimes keeping it simple is best, which is especially true for small bedroom ideas.

4. Cosy things up with lighting

Grey and silver king sized bed with throw pillows and blanket, two bedside lamps eitherside in front of grey wall

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Warm your grey bed up by creating a cosy ambience around it, so that when evening comes around your sleep space looks all the more inviting. 

'I always like to ensure there is some form of cosy lighting near the bed, on the bedside table for example', says design expert Sam Baldry. 'This will help to bring the shades you have chosen to life, and make your space feel like a home, not a showroom.' 

A bedside lamp or fairy lights across the headboard would work wonders with a grey bed, and prevent it from feeling cold or unfriendly.

5. Choose a statement headboard

King sized bed with ornamental grey headboard and matching footboard with white trim. Complete with blue patterned cushions

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Lots of grey beds have extravagant headboards, the neutrality of the colour means you can go a little extra on the design or shape. Fancy headboard ideas are a sure way to keep your grey bed looking interesting. 

A bed with a large ornamental headboard and contrasting trim creates an elegant focal point, and a lot of these designs come with matching footboards too. Or choose a grey headboard in crushed velvet, for a more simple but luxurious touch. 

6. Play around with patterns

Bed with grey headboard with white bedding and patterned cushions and throw, in front of blue and white patterned wallpaper

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'The wonderful thing about grey bedding is that it works well with pretty much anything', says Rebecca from Dunelm. 'Geometrics and stripes, florals and tropicals, whatever you feel represents your style.'

Take advantage of the freedom that comes with grey's neutrality by incorporating bold prints through cushions and throw pillows. Or, create a feature wall behind your bed with patterned bedroom wallpaper ideas, to sharpen the contrast with the neutral tones of the bed.

7. Use blue and silvers for an elegant aesthetic

King sized bed with cool grey, silver and blue bedding with a hint of pink, next to bedside table and navy curtains

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If you prefer cool hues consider a navy blue and grey bedroom scheme, bringing in blue and silver tones to complement your grey bed and create a stylish, regal look. 

'Personally, I love to combine silvers and greys with baby blues', says designer Sam Baldry. 'Mixing arctic tones and icy vibes to give off an ‘uber cool’ aesthetic that almost looks futuristic, but still remains homely and elegant.' A cool blue throw at the bottom of the bed and a couple of silvery grey cushions could easily achieve this vibe, while maintaining cosy textures.

8. Furnish your surroundings

Double sized bed with striped grey bedding and coloured cushions, with bedside table and wooden table in front

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When styling your grey bed, it's important to look at what's in the immediate vicinity as well, as this can have a big effect on the final look. 

Considering bedside table ideas on either side of a double bed is ideal, not just for practical reasons but because they help to create a gorgeous symmetrical aesthetic. Other furniture can also help to cement your chosen colour scheme, whether that's grey and other neutrals or grey with a splash of pink, orange or blue.

'I love to opt for a matching armchair or footstool in the corner of the bedroom, to tie the colour scheme together and create a dynamic flow throughout the space', says Sam from Swoon.

9. Bring in elements of nature

Grey bed with neutral patterned bedding and blue cushion with tree, nexy to wooden bedside table and plant

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To accentuate grey's soothing properites, incorporate elements of nature on and around your bed so that you can emphasise the calm feel of the space.

A hanging plant from the ceiling or a potted succulent on the bedside table is an easy way to do this, as is a cushion or blanket with a nature print on it. Warm grey has earthy tones which generates connotations of being in very natural surroundings, so play around with this and use it to your advantage.

10. Complement the bed with a statement rug

Grey bed with soft pink and white bedding and patterned rug on grey carpet

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A beautiful rug can add a finishing touch to your grey bed, completing it as the elegant focal point of the bedroom. 

Place a smaller rug in front of the bed as a standalone decorative piece, or use it as a mat for a grey ottoman, which is ideal for storing any display cushions and blankets. Rugs with geometric patterns look great next to a grey bed, as do fluffy ones that match your chosen colour scheme. 

What colour goes with grey on a bed?

As a staple netural, grey pairs well with a whole range of other colours, from light shades such as white, yellow and pink, through to darker colours like purple, navy and black.

'By creating a colour scheme first, you can choose three tones you want to incorporate, and source your main bedding elements in these shades', says Sam. You could have a warm colour like pink, and contrast with a cooler shade such as blue, using grey as the neutral base to tie it all in together.

Or, stick to a scheme with two colours and have fun brightening the grey up with a pop of orange or red. 'Recently, grey and ochre yellow have been a popular duo, creating an earthy, gleeful display without overpowering a room with yellow’s potent intensity', says Sam. 

The colours you incorporate into your grey bed really come down to personal preference, but try and match your chosen shades with other elements in the bedroom so that it blends seamlessly into the wider space.

How can I make my grey bed look nice?

The key to making your grey bed look nice is to include plenty of comforting textures through throw blankets and cushions, and use these to incorporate different colours and patterns so that the grey doesn't become plain or boring.

'I personally like to go with four main pillows (two matching the main duvet, and two contrasting), three throw pillows (alternating sizes, clashing prints), a duvet, and a throw (that matches your second set of main pillows)', says Sam. 

You can include some or all of these layers on top of your bed, but try and pick pieces that will tie together nicely at the end. An all-grey bed can also work really well because of the colour's vast range of shades to choose from. Mix between dark and light tones in the bedding, and choose a grey that contrasts with the shade of the headboard.

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