Missed out on the TikTok famous Bordallo flower plate? We hunted down 3 equally gorgeous alternatives

When did a 'sold out' sign ever stop us?

Flower plate on table
(Image credit: Arket)

Fans on TikTok are going crazy for this light pink flower plate from Bordallo Pinheiro that we think is the perfect centrepiece addition for all your tablescaping and dinner party needs – and unsurprisingly, after much demand, it's now sold out basically everywhere.

If you're clued up on the latest maximalist home decor trends, we guarantee you've definitely seen the famous Bordallo cabbage bowl make the rounds on social media. Bordallo has long been known for releasing quirky dinnerware designs that are stars for adding character to your home. Well, they've done it again with a flower serving plate that's got everyone on TikTok talking.

If you discovered the beauty of this gem too late and are now met with an unwelcome 'sold out' sign on every website you go to, don't panic. We've scoured every inch of the internet to find you some of the best alternatives so you can still serve up your dining table decorating ideas in style.

Flower plate on table

(Image credit: Nordic Nest)

TikTok content creator, Alana Laverty (@alanalavv), shared a video of her creating a snack plate for a cosy dinner get-together. The star of the show was undoubtedly the San Raphael Wild Flower Centrepiece Plate, from Arket, attracting comments saying, 'A round of applause for the plate,' with another saying, 'The saddest moment of my day: seeing that this plate (in pink) is sold out.'

There's no denying that this serving plate is absolutely gorgeous in every way, proving to likely be a staple for any Italian Nonna Chic-inspired dinner parties all summer long.


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Despite being sold out on Arket, you know that won't stop us from hunting down similar pieces, because now we've got our eyes on this, we need to have it. Of course, you can always nab the other colours (white and coral) on Arket's website. However, if you really had your mind set on a more pinky tone, here are some of our favourite finds to consider if you missed out on snapping up the original Bordallo version.

Our pick of Bordallo wild flower centrepiece plate alternatives

We've got to say, we're pretty sold on all of these alternatives as they certainly radiate the same bright and light vibes as the beautiful Bordallo centrepiece plate that we desperately need in this rainy British summer.

Even with snapping up an alternative, you never have to feel like you're 'faking it till you make it' as they're just as (if not more) gorgeous. Tablescaping never looked so good.

Jullia Joson
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