Fred Sirieix reveals his little secret to hosting a great spring get-together – it's so simple, but effective

It's a nod to this popular tablescaping element

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Fred Sirieix is, without a doubt, our favourite celebrity maître d' and has become somewhat of a favourite for us at Ideal Home when it comes to looking for interior inspiration. Combine this with his years of expertise in the hospitality industry and who else better than the First Dates star to let us in on his little lesser-known secrets for hosting a great spring get-together?

As the season turns and the promise of sunnier days is finally ahead of us, chances are you're likely looking to spruce up your outdoor space in time for the many garden party ideas set to grace our homes come springtime.

Working in partnership with French gin brand, G'Vine, we grilled Fred on some of his top tips on how to create an unforgettable memory for your guests. We've previously taken on board Fred's garden party tips, and this time it's all to do with clever glassware choices that will make your guests swoon.

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Fred Sirieix's glassware hosting tip

Speaking to Ideal Home on hosting success this springtime, we asked Fred to share with us his little lesser-known secret that he's picked up while navigating the hospitality industry for a party that feels fresh and fun – even more so if you're decorating for Easter bank holiday celebrations.

'As you said, it's got to be fun,' begins Fred. 'You've got to remember and ask yourself, how are you going to make it fun? How are you going to make it interesting? Are you going to make your dishes more colourful, vibrant, and exciting when it comes to the table?'

Something tells us even Fred (while he may not know it) is in the know of the popular tablescaping decor trend that has swept social media, given all this talk on coloured glassware and dishes.

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'It's thinking about the basics,' explains Fred. 'For example, if you're making a gin and tonic, what kind of glass are you going to use? Are you going to use a straight tumbler or are you going to use a more elaborate glass where you can have a bit more decor inside? The Spanish, for example, are very big with their gin and tonics in terms of the garnishes they put inside. Some of them are just incredible!'

'With gin and tonics, what I like to do is take a big glass. Big glasses work very well for this because the key to a great gin and tonic is ice. Then, you put your garnish in and it's almost like you're creating a piece of art – a piece of art that is going to make you and your guests feel good.'

That being said, it's pretty clear that the secret to hosting success is paying mind to little details that would otherwise be overlooked, like glassware, for example. Better yet, it's so simple to achieve and makes for an expensive-looking tablescape.

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'These are the kinds of things that we can do to inspire ourselves but also inspire our guests and make them think, "Wow, someone has put some effort into this party!". And that's exactly what it's about – making people feel that you have actually thought about these things and have made a lot of effort,' continues Fred.

'What you're doing is hosting and you're here to host a great party and have fun. So, you should let people know that you've prepared everything for them and aim to create something truly special.'

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