Kimberley Walsh's bold and on-trend glassware is the key to an 'elegant and cohesive' tablescape, say experts

Add a touch of unexpected vibrancy to the Christmas dinner table

Kimberley Walsh
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Kimberley Walsh has quickly become one of our favourite celebrities to follow here at Ideal Home in terms of Christmas ideas, and we have yet another holiday antic of hers to report on. Earlier this week, the Girls Aloud member hosted a private dinner event in her home, and she's championing one of our favourite tablescaping trends of the season: coloured glassware.

It's no secret that Christmas is easily the busiest time of the year for many of us, especially in the realm of hosting. From dinner parties to festive gatherings, it can often be difficult to keep each get-together new and visually interesting. That's why the coloured glassware trend is one that we've especially been loving this winter.

And as it turns out, even Kimberley Walsh has got her own festive tablescape up to scratch with the inclusion of them, too.

Plum hued glassware in Christmas tablescape

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Kimberley Walsh's festive tablescape

Just earlier this week, Kimberley Walsh hosted a private dinner event in her London home, hiring a Michelin award-winning chef, Mick Binnington. He documented the cooked dishes and tablescape of the evening on his Instagram.

Kimberley Walsh's festive tablescape can be spotted in the third photo, and it's safe to say that she has taken luxury dining to the next level. Kimberley kept to a classy, muted pink colour scheme, with a gorgeous Christmas table centrepiece to complete the look.

Commenting on the beautiful tablescape, Alex Stubbs, interior stylist at online interior styling platform Flitch says, 'Kimberley Walsh's classy tablescape has been carefully styled with intricate attention to detail.'

'This space has a cosseting, cosy feel thanks to the surrounding dark tones coming through in the wall colour wooden furniture, and it is nicely contrasted with metallic elements and warm pink hues which are echoed throughout the room in the form of placemats, and coloured glassware.'

Although there are many awe-inspiring elements of the luxe tablescape to comment on, Kimberley's use of coloured glassware within her tablescape is what especially has us all eyes.

How Kimberley Walsh embraces the coloured glassware trend

'Coloured glassware is having its moment within the interiors space as it adds vibrancy to the table, without overpowering the overall look or cluttering the table, making it perfect for tablescapes of all shapes and sizes,' says Darren Watts, showroom development and design director at Wren Kitchens.

'Colour coordination is key to an elegant and cohesive tablescape, which is why so many people are embracing the coloured glassware trend this festive season.'

Helen Joseph, interior designer at premium housebuilder Redrow adds, 'What's interesting with Kimberly's tablescape is her use of colours – from neutral pinks and beiges to a pop of glitz here and there, she's created a smooth palette to help welcome her guests and let them feel steady and at ease.' 

Therefore, it only makes sense that this would extend to her glassware choices, too.

Plum hued glassware in Christmas tablescape

(Image credit: Habitat)

'Kimberly has chosen rustic pink for her selection of coloured glassware, which harmonizes beautifully with her Christmas theme,' continues Darren. 'This choice makes a modern sophisticated change to traditional reds and greens, giving it a unique charm.'

Seeing as Kimberley has previously embraced a more traditional Christmas staircase garland, her use of a more muted Christmas colour scheme is an elegant switch-up we're certainly not opposed to.

Get the look

'Coloured glassware is a huge trend for Christmas this year, and the great news is that you don't have to spend a fortune to embrace this in your home,' assures Helen.

'From cocktail glasses to vintage candlesticks and other trinkets, you can easily pick up pre-loved beauties from fairs and antique shops at a fraction of the price.'

Alternatively, you can shop some of our favourite coloured glassware pieces below.

'Choose coloured goblets or stemware to add a pop of colour whilst maintaining a sophisticated look,' advises Darren. 'By experimenting with coloured glassware, you can add depth to the overall tablescape look and the vibrant colours will add a festive flair to each place setting.'

Flitch's Alex Stubbs concludes, 'Coloured glassware is increasingly becoming a sought-after item on the dining table when it comes to hosting; it's a subtle way of infusing a space with additional colour and adding an element of fun to a festive tipple.'

Therefore, if Kimberley Walsh is championing this easy-to-recreate trend in her tablescape this Christmas, best believe we'll be following suit.

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