New report shows half the nation dines alone daily

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  • New research shows Brits dine alone more than you think whilst one fifth of us havent eaten with our parents in six months

    Next time you see someone dining alone in a restaurant, spare a thought for half the nation who are eating alone too.
    New research shows the average Brit eats 10 meals alone every week.

    A recent study into the role of food in our ever-growing, hectic lives showed we eat almost half of our 21 meals a week on our own.

    The poll examined 2,000 adult’s eating habits and was conducted by The Big Lunch, an organization founded by the Eden Project and funded by the Big Lottery Fund, who aims to unite communities by setting up neighbourly dining evenings.

    Results showed we eat four breakfasts, four lunches and two dinners alone each week showing we are spending lunch shopping online and dinner in front of a movie instead of socialising with our dearest.

    In extreme circumstances, over 33% of the UK goes an entire week without a dining partner.

    It seems it isn’t by choice, though. There was a direct correlation between emotion and independent dining and lonely eaters were upset and missed a partner to chat and socialise with.

    Other results showed 20% of candidates hadn’t eaten a meal with their parents in over six months whilst 21% said schedules and busy calendars meant households were all eating at different times.

    Food is now a convenience – wolfed-down in just 12 minutes compared to the evening-long extravaganzas our ancestors would have enjoyed every evening around the dinner table.

    Professor of Psychology at the University of Oxford, Robin Dunbar, analysed the results of the survey and said: “The act of eating together triggers the endorphin system in the brain and endorphins play an important role in social bonding in humans.

    “Taking the time to sit down together over a meal helps create social networks that in turn have profound effects on our physical and mental health, our happiness and wellbeing, and even our sense of purpose in life.”

    Go home tonight and enjoy a communal meal with your family, a group of friends or even invite your neighbour over for a take-away treat.

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