‘Blurring of boundaries between inside and out’ - Graham and Brown’s 2024 wallpaper of the year creates a soothing paradise

Bring the outside in with Graham and Brown’s new wallpaper design

New Eden mural
(Image credit: Graham and Brown)

For the past 10 years, wallpaper and interiors brand Graham and Brown has been getting us excited at the beginning of every Autumn by announcing its wallpaper design and colour of the year. And this one might be one of our favourite ones yet.

The brand is known for its organic, botanical and floral wallpaper ideas. But this year’s New Eden wallpaper and especially the mural design feel different, somehow very real as they immerse you in their soothing and calming air, fitting right in with the wallpaper trend of bringing the outside in.

Graham and Brown wallpaper of the year 2024    

New Eden mural

(Image credit: Graham and Brown)

The newly announced design is based on a trend called Utopia which Graham and Brown have been developing for next year. 

‘Our Utopia trend embodies the need to create a calm and welcoming space for yourself and others,’ says Maryanne Catwright, head of design at Graham and Brown.

This is the basis on which the New Eden wallpaper and mural have been built. The brand aims to provide its customers with a nature-inspired refuge, a paradise of calm. But the company also wanted the design to be welcoming to your guests, referencing the Japanese art of Omotenashi, which combines the concepts of hospitality and mindfulness. It’s quite fascinating, actually.

New Eden wallpaper

(Image credit: Graham and Brown)

The Japanese influence can also be detected in the actual illustrations seen on the wallpaper. Whether it’s on the smaller, blooming trees surrounded by deep, emerald green of the wallpaper, or on the mural, where large-scale trees tower over rolling hills, circled by birds and even a peacock makes an appearance.

‘New Eden has been heavily influenced by our 2024 trend Utopia, the blurring of boundaries between inside and out. The design really builds, growing up from the floor and the hilly landscape offering intrigue wherever the eyes gaze. Deep green tones create depth and the golden and rusty hues really ground the design to create a calming and welcoming home environment,’ James Greenwood, Graham and Brown’s interiors expert, further explains the design.

Graham and Brown colour of the year 2024

Virilis paint

(Image credit: Graham and Brown)

While Graham and Brown is predominantly known for their wallpapers and bold patterns, the company also produces beautiful paints. And along with announcing its design of the year, the brand also released its colour of the year, named Viridis. 

The soft, sage green paint idea pairs perfectly with the New Eden wallpaper, reflecting the same sentiment of creating a calming refuge away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, perfect for a living room colour scheme.

Welcome to paradise!

Sara Hesikova
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