These £25 Matalan door lanterns are the surprise star in Mrs Hinch's stunning Christmas front door display

These lanterns are the finishing touch to the Hinch Farm's festive entrance

Sophie Hinchliffe
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Mrs Hinch has recently been a festive favourite here at Ideal Home as she's been consistently taking to Instagram to document how she's decorating for the holidays. But we have to say, her Christmas front door decor reveal is certainly taking the cake, and dare we say one-upping the rest of her many Christmas decorating ideas.

She's blending that natural country aesthetic with rustic farmhouse chic, and yes, she's absolutely nailed it – with some gorgeous black lanterns from Matalan stealing the spotlight for us.

Christmas door decor ideas have easily grown to become one of, if not the most, popular places to focus the festive cheer other than decorating a Christmas tree. Celebrities have been taking to Instagram since late November, showcasing their spectacularly grand Christmas door decor – from Rylan's glitzy festive front door makeover to Stacey Solomon's maximalist front door display.

So, of course, it's only right that Mrs Hinch has come to show everyone how it's done if a more pared-back and natural festive theme is what you've got your eye on.

Pale green front door with a Christmas wreath, lanterns with candles either side, a sled on the doorstep with parcels wrapped in brown papers and ribbons

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Mrs Hinch Christmas front door display

Just over the weekend, Sophie Hinchliffe (aka Mrs Hinch) took to Instagram to share how she's decorated her front door for Christmas this year.

In her caption, she writes, 'Natural Country Christmas Is My Fave. I've loved making the front door feel more Christmas this year guys. My vision was all natural foliage with minimal oak decor,' and an all-natural and rustic Christmas decorating idea she has indeed achieved.

It's very Mrs Hinch in every possible way, and her going down the rustic and natural festive decor route certainly makes sense considering her sleek yet cosy neutral Christmas living room.

What's more, Mrs Hinch's Christmas front door display is a lot easier to replicate than you might think! Pretty much everything included in the mix could be considered a budget Christmas decorating idea paired with some good old DIY-er blood, sweat, and tears.

Mrs Hinch says she bought 'bargain' real Christmas trees from Tesco, made her own DIY foraged Christmas wreath, and secured the eye-catching black lanterns from Matalan (a classic). All complete with the sweetest mistletoe.

Lucky for you, we've tracked down the exact lanterns Mrs Hinch used to create her festive front door display, and they're going for a fair price of just £25 each.

You know we love a good lantern as an elegant garden lighting idea, so while we love Mrs Hinch's Matalan choice, who would we be if we didn't offer up some more of our favourite alternatives to browse?

Unsurprisingly, fans have shown nothing but love towards Mrs Hinch's Christmas front door display – and for good reason. She's already taken to Instagram to show fans her grand Christmas tree as well as more favourite holiday decorating hacks.

Commenting on the reel, fans have written, 'Didn't expect anything else from you, absolutely GORGEOUS,' as another says, 'Now that's a Christmas entrance!'

Responding to the fans' love, Mrs Hinch endearingly wrote back saying, 'I'm hoping to keep this on the front door all year tbh' – and we agree!

Needless to say, a Hinch Farm Christmas is certainly underway.

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