The £99 power tools that every gardener will dig

Get your greenery under control with this quality range of garden power tools from Stihl

All this rain might be bad news for us, but it’s great for the garden. And a great time for Stihl to launch of an affordable new range of garden power tools, which are just perfect for tackling a thriving outdoor space. Our fingers are turning green just thinking about them.

All priced at £99, the grass trimmer, hedge trimmer and leaf blower are perfect for beginner gardeners or those with a small-to-medium size plot.

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Get luscious lawns in order


Untidy edges can really spoil the look of your lawn, but the handy FSA 45 Grass Trimmer is there to keep them neat. This lightweight, well-balanced machine tips the scales at just 2.3kg – that’s the weight of two kittens, or six tins of baked beans – and has an extendable shaft so you can operate it at the ideal height for you. The head flips between a horizontal position for floating over the grass, and a vertical one, which you’ll use when strimming along your flowerbeds.

The 18v lithium-ion battery has a run time of up to 20 minutes, with lights that indicate how much power you have left. The motor makes hardly any noise, either, so you can get on with the job without worrying about disturbing the Joneses next door.


To get going, just click a button – there’s also a security ‘key’ that you can take out when you’re storing the trimmer. That way, if the kids get hold of it, and the key has been removed, they can’t turn the trimmer on – accidentally or otherwise.

When the blades need to be replaced, you simply pull the old blade off and pop in a new one, with spare blades stored beside the handle grip. Simples…

Buy Now: FSA 45 Grass Trimmer, £99, Stihl

Give hedges a haircut


Stihl’s new HSA 45 Hedge Trimmer makes light work of any unruly hedges and shrubs in your garden. Again it’s light, at 2.3kg including the battery, and its double-sided blades can cut through branches up to 8mm thick. We had a hands-on session and found it comfortable to hold, easy to manoeuvre into position and able to cut through wood like butter!

The run time is 40 minutes, which should be all the power you need to tackle your greenery in one session. If not, it charges up again in 240 minutes.

As with the Grass Trimmer, there are some handy safety features. It comes with a security key which, when removed, disables the hedge trimmer so it’s safe to store or carry about. There’s also a useful blade tip protector, so that if you hit the ground or a wall as you work, the blade won’t get damaged.

Buy now: HSA 45 Hedge Trimmer, £99, Stihl

Save on sweeping


Joining the gardening gang a little later this year is the BGA 45 Blower. It’s apparently going to be available in time for autumn, when leaves and other debris start to build up on driveways, paths and lawns. It’s super-quiet and at 2kg, even lighter than the trimmers when its battery is on board. We tried it out and found it easy to wield in one hand, plus it shifted gravel and twigs a treat.

Above the comfy-to-grip rubber handle is a battery-level indicator light, so you’ll always know how much power you have left. And that clever safety key makes an appearance once again, if you’re worried that the kids might get hold of it and run the battery down playing giant blow football.

Available soon: BGA 45 Blower, £99, Stihl

German brand Stihl has been around for more than 90 years, and its tools are popular with gardeners due to their reliability and quality. We were suitably impressed in our hands-on session. If you’re looking for good cordless options, we think these are up there with the best.

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Happy gardening all!

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