Fire pit seating ideas - 6 ways to inject style and personality into your outdoor space

These fire pit seating ideas couldn’t get any hotter

corner firepit idea
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Whether you’re determined to enjoy your garden during the winter months or you want to prolong your summer evenings, you should never underestimate the power of stylish and well-thought-out fire pit seating ideas. 

After all, the best fire pits offer an affordable way to heat up your garden ideas, but nobody wants to stand up while they’re toasting marshmallows (or drinking a very large glass of wine). That’s why seating is an essential component of any firepit idea. But it can often be hard to navigate your seating choices around the size of your garden, the needs of your family, and the safety concerns regarding open flames. 

That’s why we’ve decided to consult with experts and figure out how you can make the most out of your fire pit seating idea. Below, we’ve pulled together six ideas to help you inject style, personality, and extra warmth into your outside space. 

Fire pit seating ideas

‘The fire pit is a place where family and friends come to gather to share stories. Therefore, getting the seating right is key. When looking at positioning your fire pit, it’s key to consider not only the type you have but also the space you have available,' explains Joanna Humphreys, Fire and Stove Specialist at Direct Stoves. Then, you can focus on bringing the best fire pit seating idea to life. 

1. Opt for corner seating

fire pit seating area with wooden slatted seating

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When looking to buy the best outdoor garden furniture, it’s easy to be won over by the aesthetics. But when buying specifically for a fire pit seating area, it’s a good idea to think about how this will practically work in your space. 

That’s why Danielle Le Vaillant, Head of Photography & Film at Cox & Cox, suggests using corner seating for your fire pit seating area. 

‘Plump instead for lounge-style outdoor seating. A corner set will horseshoe neatly at a safe distance from the fire and be naturally conducive to chatting and sharing secrets into the night.’

And while you can often find corner options of the best wooden garden furniture and the best rattan garden furniture, you could also try and DIY your own L-shaped pallet bench if you want to. 

2. Soften harder materials with cushions

Wooden garden seating around stone fire pit with outdoor cushions and blanket

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If you don’t want to shell out on new garden furniture for your fire pit seating area, there are so many low-cost alternatives you can choose from. 

But while you can easily make your own pallet furniture, use a concrete wall to create the illusion of a sunken fire pit à la Love Island, or turn some old wooden fence posts into a bench, these materials can often be hard and rigid. 

So, Suzi Samaddar, styling expert at furn, suggests softening these areas with cushions and other soft furnishings. 

‘With the ever-changing British weather, having throws to hand in your fire pit seating area is going to be the best way to enjoy your evenings in your garden long after the sun has gone down,’ she explains. 

‘Accessorise with outdoor cushions, resistant to water and UV rays to tie your space together. Opt for a boho blast of colours and shapes in your cushions to add a real pop of colour into your garden seating area.’

3. Mix and match your furniture

Cosy garden ideas: garden chairs around a firepit and surrounded by fairylights

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If you’re looking to turn your fire pit seating area into a cosy spot for the whole family, mixing and matching your furniture is the best way to do that. This way, you can add a chair for everyone - from couples who want to snuggle under the stars to independent teenagers who want to steer clear of their ‘uncool’ parents. 

By mixing and matching garden sofas, single seats, the best garden benches, and other seating options, you can create a focal point that looks inviting and stylish. Just remember to think about the practicality of this furniture. 

Joanna says, ‘For a low-base fire pit, we would recommend opting for seating positioned at a similar height - this will create a cosy more intimate setting, perfect for an evening with friends under the stars. To complete the look, angle your seating around the fire pit, with all seatings facing in for a more conversational feel.’

4. Consider extra floor seating

garden sofa, chairs, and floor cushion sitting around a fire pit

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If you pride yourself on being the hostess with the mostest, there’s a high chance that you invite friends and family to your house regularly for wine and toasted marshmallows. But if you often find that you’re struggling for space, you might want to consider extra floor seating. 

Cassandra Leisz, Sr. Creative Director at Ruggable, says, ‘Although I love a matching conversation set, for maximum comfort and minimal storage footprint if you’re tight on space, consider floor cushions for additional fire pit seating.’ 

‘Make sure you add layers of texture and warmth by incorporating throw pillows and blankets, in case the setting sun brings chilly temperatures.’

Yes, this idea is also perfect for those who have a small garden. Instead of buying too big garden furniture, opt for smaller (but still supportive) floor cushions.  

5. Go integrated

picture of Barker and Stonehouse fire pit dining set

(Image credit: Barker and Stonehouse)

While you can certainly buy separate garden seating and a fire pit, there is also the option to buy them together. There are so many garden furniture sets with fire pits that offer the best of both worlds - and this can be especially practical in gardens with limited floor space. 

Danielle says, ‘For an instant and versatile shot of campfire life that’s a little more elegant, you can always choose an outdoor dining set where a firepit is an integral part of the dining table.’

‘Mostly gas-fired, these are ideal for more spontaneous outdoor sessions as they are quick to light and can usually be hidden when not in use, and of course, the seating is all part of the setup. 

‘There are also a cleaner, smoke-free option so particularly beneficial for use nearer to the house, or close to next door’s fence.’

Of course, this integrated setup is normally more expensive and limited in terms of design, but it’s highly likely that you’ll still find an option that you love. 

6. Finish the space with accessories

grey chair sitting in front of fire pit with festoon lights behind

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Sure, the fire pit itself and the seating options are the two main components of a fire pit seating area. But if you really want to inject warmth and personality into your fire pit seating area, you can’t forget the accessories. 

In Cassandra’s eyes, no fire pit seating area would be complete without an outdoor rug. She says, ‘Of course, you must always check the safety restrictions of your firepits. But adding an outdoor rug to your space provides cosy character and a more defined area for conversing and lounging.’

‘Washable outdoor rugs add instant style, without the maintenance hassle. If a guest spills or a pet makes a mess, simply toss the rug cover in the wash and your fire pit lounge will feel refreshed in no time.’

You don’t have to stop there, though. ‘No outdoor lounge is complete without lighting, such as string lights or lanterns,’ adds Cassandra. 

‘While your fire pit provides ambience and a bit of warmth, it likely won’t provide enough light for optimal conversation between guests. Chargeable lanterns can be an easy way to ensure visibility without having to affix string lights to poles, trees, or your home.’


What kind of chair is best for a fire pit?

Ultimately, this all depends on your seating needs and requirements. While an outdoor sofa may be enough for your date nights under the stars, it may be that you need extra seating options if you plan on hosting fire pit parties. 

With this in mind, you could choose from options such as Adirondack chairs, wooden benches, rattan furniture sets, floor cushions, or a mixture of different options. 

What can a fire pit sit on?

You should never place a fire pit directly on a wooden deck or on grass, as the intense heat can damage them. Instead, you should put a fire pit on a noncombustible material, such as a concrete slab, a dedicated fire pit mat or a heat-proof tabletop. 

You can put a fire pit directly onto a patio, but you may still want to add a mat, just in case. 

How far should seating be around fire pit?

Experts suggest you should place your seating anywhere between 3 feet and 7 feet away from your fire pit. This will ensure that you’re a safe distance away from the flames while also allowing enough space for movement. 

A good way to test whether you’re sitting too close to a fire pit is to stretch out your legs. If you can touch the feet with your legs when they’re outstretched, you’re too close. 

So, which fire pit seating idea do you like the most?

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