Aldi is selling an almost-identical version of the cult IKEA RASKOG trolley – but for a fraction of the price

At its £12 price point, we predict a sellout

Black three tier storage trolley
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi is selling a three-tier storage trolley which we think is a dead ringer for the cult IKEA RASKOG trolley – but for a fraction of the price. The storage trolley will be landing in stores on the 15th of February and we expect its popularity to follow suit from the IKEA fan-favourite, so we suggest you better act fast upon its launch.

IKEA RASKOG trolley ideas have long been a go-to for us at Ideal Home, whether it be from a practicality standpoint of providing us with extra kitchen storage or acting as a placeholder bar cart. Despite the RASKOG trolley entering the new year at a cheaper price alongside some of our other favourites from the Swedish brand – like the KALLAX shelves' new lower price – even £35 can still be a bit of a stretch.

Luckily, Aldi's new three-tier storage trolley boasts an affordable price of £12.99, and we think it's the ideal pickup to get your organising game on for 2024 without having to break the bank.

Black three tier storage trolley

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi three-tier storage trolley

Aldi's new three-tier storage trolley will be available to buy in Aldi stores nationwide from the 15th of February, while stocks last. It's launching as part of the budget supermarket's Big Clean range, which includes Aldi's £8 SonicScrubber alternative.

The three-tier storage trolley is being marketed as a genius way to organise a cleaning cupboard and act as a supersized caddy for all your best cleaning products. However, we've got bigger plans for this budget buy.

When we first laid eyes on the storage trolley, we instantly could pit it against IKEA's RASKOG trolley. Considering IKEA's fame, we've seen many a dupe be released inspired by the Swedish brand's design (like this Amazon alternative), but Aldi's offering is easily the cheapest we've seen on the market.

Aldi's three-tier storage trolley will be available in discreet colourways of black and white with an approximate sizing of 77x4.2x31cm.

We think this three-tier storage trolley is an Aldi Specialbuy not to be missed, especially at its budget price. Use it as a supplement to your bathroom storage ideas or for making the most of storage in a small bedroom.

We're confident it'll do the job and more.

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