7 kitchen accessories you didn’t know you needed

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  • There seems to be a kitchen gadget for every occasion but which ones do you really need? See our pick of seven kitchen accessories that will make your life easier.

    We’ve all got weird and wonderful kitchen accessories knocking around in our cupboards but what ones are actually useful? Take a look at these fab products that will make your life easier!

    Thermospatular, £14.97, Lakeland
    This ingenious spatular is a must for every kitchen. The built in thermometer means it’s perfect for baking or when making chocolate based products. Also, the thermometer can easily be removed so you can use it to check the temperature of the meat while you’re cooking a roast so it’s perfect every time!

    Poppy silicone lid, £7.50, The Good Cook Shop
    These clever lids can be used for a multitued of jobs. Whether it’s keeping food fresh in the fridge or stopping food splattering all over the microwave.

    Masterpan, £54.99,

    The Fowndry

    The ultimate pan to make the breakfast of champions! With individual compartments for each element of your breakfast this quirky piece of kitchen kit will save you lots of time when it comes to washing up!

    Potato ricer, £19.95, John Lewis

    Once you’ve had a potato ricer you’ll never go back to a masher. Nothing quite makes the perfect mash than this kitchen staple!

    Adelsten pestle and mortar, £10, Ikea

    Most people have one of these gathering dust in a their kitchen but you can use them to make a number of tasty meals from scratch. Have a go at making your own pesto or get creative and make your favourite curry paste.

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