7 tools every cook should have in their kitchen

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  • Fancy yourself as a bit a Masterchef? Here are the tools of the trade

    If you love spending time in the kitchen
    whipping up delightful dishes for your nearest and dearest, it’s time to up the ante with these bad boys…

    Sharp knives

    There is NOTHING worse than trying to carve meat or cut your veggies with old knives. Invest in a proper set of decent knives – complete with sharpening block – and you’ll never look back. The top three you’ll likely need are a chef’s knife for day-to-day work, a paring knife for peeling, slicing and dicing and a carving knife for meat.


    A Kitchenaid is a serious piece of kit, so it’s not surprising it comes with a serious pricetag. But the nifty little thing quite simply does everything you’ll ever need. The basic mixer stand is just the start – you can build onto the appliance with various different bits and bobs (strainers, peelers, whisks – the lot!).


    Billed as the world ‘smallest, smartest kitchen’, a Thermomix is a pretty clever little chap. It has 12 different settings from blending to mixing and steaming to boot. For more info and to see it in action, visit Thermomix.vorwerk.co.uk.

    Digital scales

    Unless you’re John Torode, guessimation with measures and weights should not be attempted. Instead, invest in a pair of digital scales and weigh everything as you work.

    Pestle and mortar

    If you’re using fresh herbs and spices, this is a must-have piece of kit. You can grind down everything from seeds to whole, chunky spices for homemade curries and stews.


    A meat thermometer is worth the investment for piece of mind alone – no cook wants to be responsible for a bout of a food poisoning – and bakers should not attempt sugar work without a preserving thermometer in their hands.

    Heavy duty non-stick pans

    Think heavy and deep when shopping for pans, and always pick up sets with proper lids. A griddle pan is another handy addition to your pan cupboard for grilling meat and veggies.

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