Dunelm just debuted a fresh striped armchair design – we predict it will be just as big as the sell-out Beatrice snuggle chair

The brand is sure the Zoe Elements chair is set to be their next bestseller

Dunelm Zoe Elements Two Tone Woven Stripe Armchair
(Image credit: Dunelm)

Last week, Dunelm dropped a new statement armchair named Zoe Elements – consider this your ‘new soon to be cult armchair drop’ alert. Dunelm has an excellent track record when it comes to designing cult favourite chairs that sell out in a matter of hours after release – just take the Beatrice snuggle chair.

Much like its predecessor, the new version of the Zoe armchair is doused in one of the current favourite home decor trendsdeckchair stripes. But not just any deckchair stripes as the chosen colourways really pack one hell of a vibrant punch, combining bright fuchsia pink with red - one of those colour combinations that shouldn’t work but do - and emerald green with teal. We’re really in love with the former though.

When the also beautifully striped Dunelm Beatrice snuggle chair was first launched last summer, it sold out in a few hours. And its popularity and cult status of one of the best armchairs has not subsided since. And when the brand itself says they believe the Zoe Elements chair - which sets itself apart from the Beatrice through its sharper and more angular silhouette - is set to be the new Beatrice, we pay attention. And maybe place our order asap before it follows in the footsteps of the Beatrice chair and sells out too.

Dunelm Zoe Elements Two Tone Woven Stripe Armchair

(Image credit: Dunelm)

The shape of the Dunelm Zoe Elements Armchair is not new to the brand as you can get the Zoe chair in either velvet or faux leather in a single-coloured version. And neither is its price point of £349 a pop. But the two-tone stripes on a woven fabric is the new part.

‘I think people are increasingly looking for design elements that help to make their homes feel fun and provide a positive emotional reaction – and this look ties into this beautifully,’ says Lucy Mather, interiors expert from Arighi Bianchi, about the deckchair stripe look which we’ve also recently seen on the viral sellout tablecloth from H&M Home. ‘The retro aesthetic of deckchair stripes evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminding people of leisurely seaside holidays and outdoor relaxation.’

She adds, ‘Deckchair stripes also bridge the gap between classic and contemporary design. They have a timeless quality that can blend well with both traditional and modern decor, making them a flexible choice for diverse interior styles.’

Clearly, many agree as the comments section of Dunelm’s Instagram post introducing the new design was filled with enthusiastic and excited feedback the likes of, ‘Wow these colours are so fun! Xx’, ‘Chair of dreams’ and ‘This chair is amazing!’.

But if you’re not quite ready to bring a new striped armchair bursting with this much colour into your home, there are other ways to bring hints of its spirit through Dunelm’s striped accessories, with some of our favourites rounded up here.

In any case, it’s looking like it’s going to be a colourful, stripy summer.

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