Habitat is selling a dupe for this £4,500 designer coffee table at Harrods - and it's on sale!

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Dark wood curved coffee table with a sofa in the background
(Image credit: Habitat)

We've all been obsessed with a designer item at one time or another. Sadly, our wallets don't always allow for such a splurge. That's where a dupe comes in handy and Habitat's sale offering just knocked our socks off with their dupe for a coffee table at Harrods that costs over £4500.

The importance of coffee table decor in elevating a living room should not be underestimated. Setting the tone for the rest of your living room design, it is the piece that draws the eye as soon as you walk in and the Habitat's £128 Xylo coffee table definitely draws your attention. 

We'd forgive you for thinking it was a designer piece at it is pretty much the identical twin of B&B Italia's designer Tobi-Ishi table available at Harrods which sells for over £4500.

Habitat's alternative was already far more affordable at its full price of £160. But with the retailer's extra 20% off using code Hab20 starting today, the resulting £128 is practically a bargain. 

Habitat's Xylo coffee table features a soft, curved and pebble-like shape and wide and hefty legs cut from a solid ash veneer that is very similar to its designer twin. The B&B Italia's Tobi-Ishi low table that is on sale at Harrods was intentionally designed in a Japanese Zen aesthetic reflected even in the name, translated as the polished stones used to decorate traditional Japanese gardens.

'In the past few years, curved furniture has slowly filtered down from high-end furniture makers to high-street retailers, making the trend’s signature playful style accessible to us all,' Amy Lockwood, Ideal Home's Ecommerce Editor and furniture and homeware expert. 

Dark wood curved coffee table

(Image credit: Habitat)

'In particular, we’ve seen the trend embraced in upholstered furniture, with curvaceous cocoon armchairs and rounded sofas now available in multiple high-street stores, from Sofa.com to this super affordable Amazon cocoon chair,' says Amy. 

'The Habitat Xylo Coffee Table brings organic lines to our interiors in a different way, echoing the statement style of pieces like the Gubi Moon Table and the B&B Italia Tobi-Ishi Low Coffee Table to create a designer-look focal point in the living room… for a whole lot less cash.'

Just as Amy outlines, curved homewares are one of the biggest living room trend takeaways of this year and Habitat design fits right in with the trendy aesthetic. It promotes a comfortable and cosy feel, not to mention the added benefit of the Zen, serene calmness that the Xylo coffee table is sure to induce. 

Who can say no to that?

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