It’s not you, it’s me: Brits take sanctuary in the bathroom as sometimes we just need to get away from it all (and everyone else!)

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  • Modern life is hectic… and to escape family life and 24-7 technology, the answer for most of us is to lock the bathroom door and relax, so says a new study

    Is your bathroom a calming retreat, or a room that you dash in and out of every day without having time to notice your surroundings?

    According to new research from Mira Showers, more of us are using the bathroom as a place to escape to rather than just a functional space for our ablutions.

    With 94% of us wishing we could have at least five minutes alone a day, this is where we hide out!

    The way we use our bathrooms is changing, as 65% of Brits now see their bathroom as a sanctuary. But while 78% of 18 to 24-year-olds say it’s where they unwind, over half (56%) of over 65s use the bathroom for practical reasons only.


    As one of the few places in the house without a TV or technology, it’s here we rest our minds, too. Over a quarter of Brits (28%) say it’s the only room where they can completely switch off and unwind.

    ‘Knowing that you can have time and space for yourself is really
    important,’ says psychologist Dr Jane McCartney.

    ‘If you have a
    stressful day it’s more tolerable if you can unwind at the end of it.
    It’s important to get at least five minutes of relaxation a day in order
    to achieve psychological equilibrium.’

    A higher percentage of men, 33%, found the bathroom the room in which they can escape – compared with 23% of women.

    But while men are looking for an escape, over half (53%) of women will admit that they spend the most time in the bathroom.

    ‘These research findings show that with today’s fast-paced lifestyle ensuring your bathroom is a haven, and has a lock on the door, is key to being happier and feeling less stressed,’ says Emma Foster, Marketing Manager at Mira Showers.

    Ok, that’s settled. We won’t feel guilty next time we take a long relaxing bubble bath – we’re worth it!

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