New research reveals why copper bathroom fittings could help fight germs

More reasons to love the metallic bathroom trend
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  • If you’re worried about keeping your bathroom clean, a copper bath tub or tap could be the key to keep your bathroom germ free according to research.

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    Metallic accents are a serious trend in bathrooms at the moment. However, copper isn’t just a pretty home accessory. It also has some incredible antimicrobial properties.

    This means that it can kill any bacteria or viruses that come into contact with it, even the coronavirus.

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    While most viruses can last for days on steel, glass or plastic. They are killed within hours, sometimes minutes after coming into contact with copper

    A 2015 study published in Health Environments Research and Design Journal found that copper was effective at killing MRSA, E.Coli, Influenza A and Norovirus. While New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that copper is effective at killing coronavirus.

    The new study found that the virus was no longer infectious after four hours on copper surfaces. In contrast, the coronavirus was still infection after 72 hours on plastic.

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    Copper kills bacteria by blasting through the outer membrane of a bacterial cell, and destroying the DNA or RNA inside. This means the bacteria or virus can’t mutate to become resistant to copper. Clever right?

    Inspired by the copper’s magic properties brands such as BC Designs have seen the benefit of integrating copper into there bathroom designs.

    ‘Knowing that copper kills bacteria and viruses within a short time frame, without any additional help from cleaning products will help to put a lot of people’s minds at rest,’ says Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs. ‘Especially when it comes to making sure a high-traffic area such as a bathroom remains germ-free.’

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    ‘Combining this knowledge with a beautifully styled pieces means people can combine functionality, safety and aesthetics into one beautiful piece.’

    Sadly, not every copper product at home is going to have these germ-zapping powers. Most copper products for the home have been treated to prevent oxidation, and protect the beautiful red hue.

    However, copper alloys such as brass and bronze have also been proven to have similiar antimicrobial properties. Etsy has a huge range of affordable copper, brass and bronze door handles, to help keep those high-traffic areas germ free.

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    Just, be careful not to be taken in by any false claims. If the copper say’s it’s treated the safest bet is to disinfect it like any other bathroom fixture.

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