Fancy an Emma Bridgewater kettle to match your favourite mugs? It's coming soon!

The iconic brand has teamed up with Russell Hobbs for an exciting new launch

We love everything and anything Emma Bridgewater – so imagine our delight when we heard news of these Emma Bridgewater patterned Russell Hobbs kettles and toasters.

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This week saw the announcement of the two key kitchen brands joining forces. The pair have collaborated to bring us two new beautiful breakfast ranges.

See the Emma Bridgewater Toast & Marmalade and Polka Dot designs at their finest...

Russell Hobbs & Emma Bridgewater range

polka dotted kettle on wooden table toaster and egg cup

(Image credit: Emma Bridgewater)

The best-selling Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot and Toast & Marmalade designs are now gracing classic Russell Hobbs kettles and toasters.

Both designs are available in 2 and 4 slice toasters,  and 1.7L and 1.5L kettles. The kettles start from £79.99, with the toasters starting from £69.99.

If your kitchen already boasts a plethora of Emma Bridgewater accessories, these new appliances are the last piece of the puzzle.

polka dotted kettle with mugs

(Image credit: Emma Bridgewater)

'We wanted to work with a partner who shares our passion for quality, design and craftsmanship to inject style and beauty into the nation’s kitchens,' explains Dominic Lewis, Russell Hobbs Marketing Manager.

'We know people will be very excited about it! We’ve added the iconic and endearing Emma Bridgewater style to the breakfast ranges to make every mug of tea and slice of toast more enjoyable.'

polka dotted toaster on wooden table

(Image credit: Emma Bridgewater)

Emma says 'In making a lifetime’s worth of pots of tea, I’ve boiled water in an array of kettles, and it’s probably fair to say that the kettle I turn to most often is made by Russell Hobbs. Of course, I drink that tea out of an Emma Bridgewater mug.'

No surprises by this admission – we'd love to see Emma's own kitchen collection.

toaster coffee mug and kettle on wooden table

(Image credit: Emma Bridgewater)

'We are thrilled to partner with Russell Hobbs, a company known for its quality and heritage,' exclaims Emma Bridgewater. 'The appliances are well-loved and hold an essential place in British kitchens.

toaster and coffee mug on wooden table

(Image credit: Emma Bridgewater)

'It has been immensely rewarding to translate our classic pottery pattern designs onto kettles and toasters,' Says Emma. 'I hope people enjoy their breakfast toast and tea from this cheerful breakfast range.'

The two new collections will be available to buy from exclusively selected retailers from 15th August.

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Dominic ends by saying, 'The collaboration marks the start of a new relationship with Emma Bridgewater. And a very exciting future for kitchen appliances to take pride of place in the heart of the home!'.


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