The Royal Mail reveals the most popular flower and tree-themed addresses in the UK

These bloomin' popular house and street names are all inspired by flowers, trees and plants

Did you know that there are over 100,000 British streets and houses that take their name from flowers, trees and foliage?

New research from the Royal Mail reveals overall, there are over 54,000 flower-related and almost 49,500 tree-related addresses in the United Kingdom. Bloomin’ heck – that’s a lot!

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Ranging from the unassuming sycamore tree to the exotic narcissus, let’s find out which are the most popular names…

Royal Mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail

‘Plant-based names remind us of nature, and nature generally makes us feel good.’ explains Mike Waller, a botanist with London Wildlife Trust. ‘Flowers can be particularly evocative, triggering feelings of well-being, romance and even nostalgia.

‘Many street names reflect nature, often in reference to the local landscape. We still see this in new towns and on the edges of towns and cities, where road names echo the field trees, boundary oaks and hedgerows that have gone before. This survey indicates that for many of us, flowers, trees and nature are still important, whether in our gardens and parks, alongside our roads, or in the wider countryside.’

Most popular flower-themed house and street names

Royal Mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail.

In at the top spot for flower-themed house names is the glorious ‘Rose’. With over 24,000 entries, the quintessential English rose is the most popular choice for floral street and house names, followed by primrose. Scottish heather, jasmine, lavender and lilac are also highly popular.

Royal Mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail

When it comes to streets, the national flowers of England and Scotland – the rose and heather – are among the two most popular muses. Lavender, foxgloves and larkspurs have also proved fashionable, flower-related addresses.

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Most popular tree-themed house and street names

Royal Mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail

The grand beech tree is crowned the most popular inspiration from the tree family. The beech tree has inspired over 8,000 addresses across the country. From ‘Beech Terrace’ in Aberdare to ‘Beech Grove’ in Ashington. The yew, oak and elm are similarly popular. It’s not all about the big trees, the smaller, lesser-known spindle tree has inspired almost 100 addresses.

Royal mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail

Most popular location

Royal Mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail

With a proud farming heritage, the Tonbridge postcode, located in Kent’s ‘Garden of England’, is officially the hotspot for flower and tree related addresses. Over 2,300 homes in the ‘TN’ postcode boast pretty plant names. York, Gloucester, Guildford, Exeter, Portsmouth and Fife also feature flora and fauna regularly.

royal mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail

Royal Mail reveals

Image credit: Royal Mail

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‘Street and house names chiefly reflect our nation’s heritage and primary interests.’ remarks Steve Rooney, Head of Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit. ‘As a country with such a proud history of farming and a love of the countryside, it’s wonderful to see our appreciation for nature so clearly reflected in our addresses.’

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