Put THIS in your fridge and slash your bill – plus 6 other ways to save money in 2019

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  • The simple trick is recommended by none other than Phil Spencer

    We’re only a few days into 2019, and I don’t know about you, but we’re already counting the pennies. If Christmas has left you in the red, these energy-saving, bill-cutting ideas will be a big help.

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    They come from Smart Energy GB, who have teamed up with Location, Location, Location star Phil Spencer, and also from energy suppliers npower, who have been out to bust some energy-saving myths.

    How many of these ways to save money do you know?

    1. Fill your fridge with bottles of tap water


    Image credit: David Parmiter

    It may seem illogical, but it takes a lot more energy to keep an empty fridge cold than a full one. that’s why Phil recommends you fill yours up with bottles of water.

    2. Pick your paint wisely

    One of Phil’s other genius tips is to paint your walls with a satin or semi-gloss paint rather than a gloss as it will reflect the heat better. This will keep a room warmer – but will only save you money if you’re planning to redecorate, regardless.

    3. Swap your showerhead


    Image credit: David Giles

    According to npower, four in five of us (81 per cent) believe showers use less water than baths. Yet your power shower could be drenching you with 50 litres of water more than you’d put a bath.

    The Energy Saving Trust predicts that a water-efficient shower head could save a household up to £195 a year. And one minute less in the shower could save you up to £80 annually.

    4. Use a thermostat

    Another myth busted by power is that it’s cheaper to have the heating on low all the time. Apparently, 46 per cent of us believe it to be true but it’s not. According to the Energy Saving Trust again, you can make £150 per year jibe using thermostats to regulate the temperature.

    5. Change your lightbulbs


    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    You don’t exactly need to have a lightbulb moment to know that switching to efficient LED bulbs can save you money. But did you know just how much you could claw back?

    According to Phil Spencer, you could save up to £240 on bills. Npower agrees, but puts the estimate at a more conservative £35 per year.

    6. Get yourself a washing-up bowl!

    You can pick one up for a pound or two but you’ll make back the invest meant easily. That’s because, although almost one in five of us (18 per cent) think a running tap uses less water when washing up, you could save up to £25 on your water bill by investing in a bowl.

    7. Don’t fill the kettle up when you’re making a cup of tea


    Image credit: Colin Poole

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    Time for a cuppa? Stop filling the kettle up to the brim – and don’t be one of the 23 per cent that re-boils the kettle. Boiling more water than necessary each time could set you back £36 a year, base on calculations from the Energy Saving Trust.

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