How moving your sofa a few inches could save £100s on your utility bill

It's all in the arrangement
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  • Over the last few months, the average gas and electric bill have risen by nearly 40 per cent. If you’re finding your bills rocketing after spending more time at home, one simple tip can help save money on utility bills.

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    Sofa and carpet specialist ScS has teamed up with property expert Holly Herbert from to share five easy tricks to save money in your home. Including moving your sofa a few inches.

    Moving your sofa just a few inches from in front of a radiator could save you £125 a year. It might seem like a good idea to disguise radiators behind pieces of furniture, large pieces of furniture can soak up heat.

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    ‘Moving your sofa even six inches away from the radiator will allow heat to flow around the room much more effectively,’ explains Holly. ‘This can save you up to 10 per cent on your bills.’

    ‘The more space between furniture and radiators the better. But because heat rises you can get away with smaller gaps if you don’t have much space in the room.’

    While you’re moving that sofa, here are four more easy changes to help save you £1,000s on your energy bill.

    How to save money on utility bills

    1. Swap regular light bulbs with LEDs

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    Changing your lightbulbs is one of the easiest changes to make that will have a serious impact on your wallet. Swapping to energy-efficient LED bulbs could save you £940 a year.

    ‘LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity compared to normal bulbs,’ explains Holly. ‘Most LEDs use at least 75 per cent less energy, saving you a huge amount on your bill.’

    2. Don’t heat empty rooms

    If there is a guest room or storage room you don’t spend much time in, save money by not heating it.

    ‘Turn the radiators off and close the doors, particularly in Winter,’ advises Holly. ‘This can cut your bill by as much as a third, depending on how many rooms you’re not using.’

    3. Leave your blinds and curtains open longer

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    During the summer, make the most of the suns heat and natural light.

    ‘It’s tempting to turn your lights on early in the evening and keep your curtains or blinds closed,’ says Holly. ‘However, particularly in the summer months, try keeping them open until sunset. The natural light and heat can help save you around 60 per cent on your bills compared to constantly having your lights on.’

    4. Move furniture away from external walls

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    Your furniture arrangement can have a huge impact on how warm or cool you feel in a room. If you keep catching yourself cranking up the heating and your sofa is against an exterior wall, try moving it.

    ‘If you can arrange your house so that most of the furniture sits against internal walls, you should feel warmer,’ says Holly. ‘You’ll feel the heat from throughout the house, rather than the cold seeping through from outside.’

    ‘This should allow you to have the heating on for shorter periods of time and reduce your bill by 5 to 10 per cent.’

    That means you could pocket an extra £125 a year for the savings account.

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    Will you be trying any of these tips in your home?

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