Want lower energy bills? These simple energy-saving tips can make BIG household savings

These ingenious hacks can help save energy and money with very little effort

January…it’s cold, everyone’s feeling the post-Christmas finance squeeze and not even a tipple is welcomed to take the edge off! It’s therefore the perfect month to host Big Energy Saving Week – a national campaign aimed to help us cut fuel bills and get household finances in order.

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While the campaign encourages households to check and switch their energy provider – Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert is a big advocate of swapping to save money – there are a few easy, quick changes we can make. Replacing everyday items such as a light bulb, a shower head or using tumble dryer balls can result in big energy savings.

Online marketplace eBay has shared 5 simple hacks that can help us all save money on our energy bills.

Simple energy saving tips

1. Swap the shower head

 Energy saving tips

Colin Poole

Save up to 40 per cent water usage by changing to a smart shower head. Modern shower heads use current-limiting technology to save up to 40 per cent water usage, while showering under normal water pressure.

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2. Install a smart meter

 Energy saving tips


As part of a government scheme all energy supplies now install smart meters, at no extra cost, to help you keep track on what you are spending. Monitoring your daily household usage will help your be mindful of energy consumption – helping reduce how much we use and therefore costs.

If you’re on a waiting list and need a quick fix to start reading your usage, you can buy independent readers. There’s an initial outlay, but you’ll soon start saving because of it.

Buy now: Onzo Smart Energy Meter, £6.99, Ebay

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3. Change light bulbs

 Energy saving tips

Polly Eltes

Swap energy inefficient light bulbs for LED light bulbs throughout the house to cut costs, while doing your bit for the enviroment. Not a new initiative but it’s proven to produce results, so continues to be a smart swap.

4. Block draughts

 Energy saving tips

James Gardiner

Why waste the  central heating you’re paying good money for. Keep cold draughts out of the house and save on heating bills. A simple draught excluder is a quick, cost-effective way to tackle unwanted winter chills from doors and windows.

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5. Reduce the load

 Energy saving tips

Whilst tumbled sheets and towels is a luxury we’d all love, there  can be hidden costs. While being mindful of how much energy the tumble dryer’s using (thanks to the smart meter) to use it less, there are also clever tips and tricks to save further. Did you know a  tumbler dryer ball can help? The ingenious balls create space between the laundry, airing them and helping reduce the time needed in the dryer.

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‘Reducing household energy consumption and the monthly cost of energy is incredibly important to homes up and down the country, who are feeling the pinch’ says Chris Gardner, Head of Home and Garden Trading at eBay. ‘Even the smallest swaps can make an impact on reducing the cost of energy for all of us. Ebay offers plenty of options, for as little as under £10, to choose from.’

Will you be making these simple swaps.

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