What a shower! Brazen Brits come clean to bathing five times a week (best not think about the other two days)

Yes, yes, these days we prefer showers to baths - no surprise there then. But wait until you find out how often we get around to showering…

According to a new survey of 500 Brits for Tile Depot, 64% of UK residents prefer to take a shower rather than bath.

On average people only shower four times a week and like to take a bath one day a week. Nope, it doesn’t add up for us either!

We’d like to think that this aversion to washing is something to do with good intentions and green living: saving energy, conserving water…? Particularly considering that showers account for 25% of all water usage in the home.

But no. 91% of UK residents don’t care about water consumption.

Just 9% of those surveyed said that they considered the environment when choosing between taking a bath or shower. Tut, tut.

Unsurprisingly, the main reason people choose showers is for convenience.

‘The UK uses two billion litres of water a day. Many people are still not giving thought to how much water they use in the bathroom,’ says a spokesperson for the Tile Depot.

‘However the advantage of showers is that they do use far less water. A full bath can take up to 80 litres, while a shower of only a few minutes will use around 35 litres.’

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