The big interiors secret we’re keeping from our other halves

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    Picture the scene. After a blow-out interiors shopping spree, bags in hand, you arrive home with a sheepish look on your face and a pile of receipts spilling out of your designer wallet.

    Cue the hubby radar, and a less-than-honest conversation about your spending habits.

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    According to research conducted by this scenario is a tale as old as time. In fact, 54 per cent of women surveyed admitted that they lied about the cost of their new interiors purchases.

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    Further figures showed that 39 per cent didn’t feel guilty about telling a home shopping white lie or two, because their purchases were going to contribute to improving the look and feel of their home.

    A brazen 66 per cent of interior shopping fibbers admitted they would also continue avoiding home truths about their purchases. Because this way, their property will maintain the aesthetic they’re accustomed to.

    Revealing why they feel the need to lie about their penchant for pillows, poufs and more, 21 per cent of women said the high cost of their buy played a significant role. While 14 per cent said their partners would consider their investment frivolous.

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    ‘Often couples believe that a small white lie won’t cause any harm,’ says Mark Kelly, marketing manager at ‘Especially when they feel their partner will ultimately benefit from it in some way. It’s clear that behind these small lies are good intentions to make homes the most inviting, relaxing and comfortable space possible.

    ‘That said – honesty really is the best policy. So we’d always encourage couples to communicate about the purchases they’re intending to make to the home. Ultimately, it usually results in a more harmonious atmosphere – which no amount of furniture and interiors accessories can make up for!’

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    What lengths have you gone to to create the interiors look of your dreams?

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