Can’t sleep this summer? Wool bedding could be the answer to a good nights sleep

It can boost a good nights sleep by 67 per cent
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  • We might be having a typical British summer – thunder and rain one week and a heatwave the next. But if you’re finding that the see-sawing temperatures are playing havoc with your sleep, you might want to consider investing in some wool bedding.

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    Research has revealed that wool bedding could be the secret to a good nights sleep. The study conducted by Leeds University for Woolroom revealed that wool bedding can boost your chances of a peaceful nights sleep by 67 per cent.

    What are the benefits of a wool duvet?

    So what is so special about a wool duvet? The secret lies in its thermoregulation abilities. Being too hot at night is one of the main reasons for a fitful nights sleep. Over a third of Brits attribute a poor nights sleep to this.

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    Leeds University tested the qualities of wool bedding versus polyester, feather and down. They examined the thermal insulations properties and moisture management. Both of these are key to a good nights sleep.

    Insulation keeps you cool in hot weather, and warm in cold weather. While the aim of moisture management is that the bedding keeps you dry and comfortable as you sleep.

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    The wool bedding came out top in both categories. The wool duvet sample was found to reach and maintain the optimum temperature for sleep (35.1 degrees) the fastest. This is due to the structure of the wool fibres, rather than duvet thickness, so you should be able to use the same duvet all year round comfortably.

    Wool was also found to allow the most moisture to escape and be better at coping with high levels of perspiration. That means you’re less likely to wake up in a hot sweat during the height of summer.

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    If you are keen to give your bed a clean sleeping makeover, you can pick up a bundle of wool bedding by Woolroom. They offer a range of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers made from British sheep. If you’re not fully convinced you can take them for a 30-day sleep trial.

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    Will you be making the switch to wool?

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