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If you’re looking for children’s bedroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have 100s of pictures to inspire you, whether you’re creating a traditional children’s room, a modern children’s room or country children’s room . Happy decorating!

  • Girl's bedroom with pink shoe wallpaper

    If you like neutral walls, but want to add some colour in a child’s bedroom, a wallpaper that has space to breathe is ideal. Prints such as this shoe wallpaper are a great way to get a subtle hit of colour. The wardrobe and bedside table have been painted in a pretty pastel pink to match.

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    Feather & Black

  • Girl's bedroom with pretty-print teepee

    Turn a girl’s bedroom into a magical space by building a teepee out of pretty fabrics. Every child likes to camp out, so why not let them do it in style? Whitewashed floorboards create a brightening effect and are a versatile choice in a child’s bedroom, as they’re easy to clean and the odd mark will only add character.

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  • Nursery with cheery photo display

    Choose a simple and versatile scheme for your child’s nursery. Grey and white is quite a mature colour palette, but it leaves so much scope for adding cute patterned fabrics and other bright accessories. White circles on one wall create a sense of fun, while a hang-it photo display adds a cheerful touch above the fireplace.

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  • White children's room with hot-pink highlights

    Add wow factor to a teen’s bedroom with hot-pink highlights. The wall at the back of this built-in storage unit satisfies any cravings for pink, without overwhelming the space. White paint elsewhere keeps the look light, while accessories add a characterful touch.

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  • Children's room with stars and stripes cushion

    Create a versatile scheme for your teens. Neutral walls provide a great backdrop to the personal touches that your child will want to add, such as cushions and artworks. The bonus is that these can be easily adapted as their tastes change without the need for a repaint.

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    Farrow & Ball

  • Children's playroom with vintage furniture

    Furnish your child’s nursery or playroom with vintage pieces to create the feel of an old classroom. Having said that, decorative touches, such as the beautiful prints on the walls, the sunny yellow paint and the black bird stencils mean there’s definitely more emphasis on fun than hard work. A chalkboard is great for kids, as they will love doodling on it at any given opportunity.

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  • Children's room with space-age bunk beds

    Choose a contemporary bed to create a futuristic vibe in a children’s room. Any child would love bunk beds like these with their smart curves and funky-shaped ladder. The cleverly built-in shelving helps to keep favourite toys and books easily to hand so there will be no time wasted trying to find them before lights out.

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    Kate Forman

  • Nursery with storage unit seat

    Turn a simple storage unit into soft seating by adding a comfortable bench pad and a cluster of cushions. This neutral scheme is beautifully and practically decorated so that it can be easily adapted as the child grows or if the room takes on another use in future. Accessories, such as the cushions, rug and gorgeous elephant toys are what give it its feel as a nursery, rather than fixed parts of the scheme. We love the combination of stripes and other patterns in a mix of blue and pink, too.

    Shelving unit
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  • Girl's bedroom with pink painted walls

    Paint the walls pink for a classic approach to decorating a girl’s bedroom. Neutral furniture keeps the look simple and unfussy, and will be suitable even if the colour scheme changes further down the line. A predominantly white duvet is teamed with bright pink prints, illustrating the fun you can have with a mishmash of patterns as long as the colours tone.

    Wall paint

  • Children's bedroom with quirky feature wall

    Give your child the chance to think about how he or she would like to decorate the room – they have to sleep there after all. Here the owners worked with their son to create a room he loves. The cool skateboard wallpaper will still be cool when he’s grown up, and the more adult design touches, including the limewashed floor and simple accessories will ensure that nothing dates too quickly.

    Rockett St George

  • Cosy child's bedroom with colourful accessories

    The contemporary scheme of this welcoming nursery steers clear of traditional colours and would work equally well for a boy or girl. On-trend grey-toned walls continue the colour scheme of the rest of the house and provide a warm backdrop for the white chest of drawers and wicker chair. Colourful toys and accessories bring unique style and character to the room, while the family heirloom standard lamp adds a vintage twist.

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  • Children's play area in huge manor house in Hertfordshire

    In this shared children’s bedroom, the owners have created a dedicated play zone for toys and games. The bright, large star above the fireplace adds a fun focal point and really adds personality.


  • Scandi Christmas themed child's bedroom

    For their little girl’s room, the owners have chosen cute, cosy blue wallpaper with woodland illustrations. Keep the floor, walls and furniture neutral so you can use your child’s toys as decorations. And add Christmas, add cute gold star garlands and home-made, colourful paper chains to celebrate the season.

    Gold glitter star garlands

  • Modern twin children's room with star details

    Traditional furniture and accessories, such as the twin beds and super-tall upholstered headboards, provide a structured base for this cool, calm kids room. Modern accessories are key to the youthful look of this bedroom; a bold rug, matching bookshelves that act as a room divider, monogrammed elements and handy storage are all easy to update as the children who live here get older.

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    Barneby Gates

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    Rockett St George

  • Girl's room in dusky pink with patchwork bed cover and pom pom light

    Mix pink and white on walls in a girl’s bedroom and bring in wall stickers to add pattern. Look for fun accessories that are also pleasing to the eye. Here, a patchwork quilt adds colour, while a tactile light shade and paper decorations catch the eye.

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  • Teen's bedroom with feature grey wall and monochrome bed linen

    Team the immediacy of a black-and-white scheme with the warmth of wooden furniture for a decorating scheme your child will love. Bring in zingy citrus touches in orange and lime for a quirky finishing touch.

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  • Stylish boy's bedroom storage solutions

    Inspired by industrial loft-style spaces, this child’s bedroom in monochrome is a cool option for growing boys. From the metal floating shelf unit – spray painted black – to the steel locker and smart boxes stowed on a high shelf, it’s absolutely packed with storage solutions, meaning there’s plenty of floor space for games… and drum kits! 

    Metal locker
    Storage boxes

  • Modern nursery with blue geometric wallpaper

    Decorating a nursery or child’s room with a contemporary wallpaper not only gives it an eye-catching edge, but saves you from having to redecorate when your little one grows out of the room. Using a bold geometric wallpaper like this one keeps an element of fun in the room while being versatile enough to transform into a home office or storage space.

    Rosey Posey Trellis in Ginger Jar Blue by Anna Spiro at Black & Spiro
    Orange ribbon

  • Modern children's bedroom with a whimsical twist

    Creating a child’s bedroom that appeals to children and parents alike may seem like an impossible task, but this gorgeous grey scheme proves it doesn’t have to be. Teaming whimsical details, like a bed canopy, with an on-trend colour palette keeps little imaginations well fed while maintaining a sophisticated style.

    Manor House Gray at Farrow & Ball

  • Traditional children's bedroom with pink soft furnishings

    Give a teenager’s bedroom a more grown-up feel with a beautiful bed. This children’s room has been beautifully decorated with childhood elements, such as the prints on the walls and a few soft toys, alongside an elegant upholstered bed and dressing table.

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    French Finds

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