sophie-conran living room

Designers at Home: Step inside Sophie Conran’s living room

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  • In this episode of Designers at Home we take a look around Sophie Conran’s living room in her London home. Sophie has lived in her London home for around 28 years with her husband Nick where she has raised her children, written books and started a business. Her living room is a large beautiful room and Sophie thinks three features of the room work particularly well together.Firstly, Sophie loves the colour palette with neutral white walls and cream sofas. This neutral palette allows her to accessorise with different colours for example with her deep red dining chairs and her bright orange cushions.Secondly, Sophie’s orange cushions compliment the neutral palette.The deep tone adds warmth to the space. The different shades of the same colour look good when put together as a group. She further references her large dining table, which can fit about 14 people around it. Sophie enjoys hosting large dinner parties and has created lots of memories in her living room.Not only does Sophie find this dining table fun and quirky, but she also sees it as a big part of her business. Sophie uses it as a meeting table for designing her collections and as a place to spread out her creative work.Love looking inside real designer’s homes? From Nina Campbell to Gail Taylor, find more Designers at Home videos at

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