Richard Burr

Housetohome talks to Richard Burr at the launch of AEG’s SteamBake Ovens

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  • Ever wondered what the Bake Off finalists are up to? Ideal Home meets Richard Burr, a finalist on the Great British Bake Off to talk about his specially designed kitchen and how he plans to make his own wedding cake!

    “If I had a tip for anyone who wants to start baking I would say don’t focus on your finished product. Whenever people are making or building something they have a crystallized view of what they want to achieve and if they don’t achieve it they feel like they have failed. Baking is an organic process, things happen, so have fun with it.”

    “If I had my time again I’d have made my wedding cake. Maybe if my wife and I renew our vows I’ll make a cake!”

    “My wife designed our kitchen. Every Valentine’s Day, along with flowers and gifts, I get her a pad of graph paper and a pen and she draws things and I make them. We get on well with that division of labour.”

    “We built our house from derelict and we built the kitchen around being able to bake. My kitchen is quite sleek – I have stone worktops throughout and everything else is quite quick and easy to clean. My dream home would be something quite big and rambling with lots of land around it. Our ambition is to move further and further up to North London until we break out of the M25.”

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